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Visit to the Brasilia Radio and Television Tower

It already seems to be a classic as well as the giant wheels of the London Eye type, in the city of London England. Communication towers are becoming more and more tourist attraction points.

VOUS St John’s, Newfoundland

Long Lost Radio History Images: LLRI #50 – VOUS – AFRS in Canada.

During the Second World War the United States set up its Fort Pepperrell base on the shores of Quidi Vidi Lake…

Warren Fahey Presents Yesterday’s Australia

A Collection of Early Australian Radio & Musical Hall Nostalgia This collection of CDs was donated to the Radio Heritage Foundation by Warren Fahey. Click…

The Night Watch – WXLG Kwajalein 1953

Rare audio & photos from WXLG Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands in 1953

What Happened to the Famous KDKA Shortwave Station at Saxonburg?

During its 20 years of operation in the Pittsburgh area, the Westinghouse KDKA stations utilized a dozen or more main and subsidiary shortwave transmitters, ranging in power from less than one kW right up to 50 kW.

Island Radio Pacific Style

Samoa’s Radio 2AP Redevelopment Project

Enjoy this YouTube video from Australia’s ABC on the redevelopment project at 2AP: Samoa’s newly rebuilt Radio 2AP transmitter is already broadcasting essential information to…

Radio ZJV Suva

Foundations of Radio Fiji by Len Usher and Hugh Leonard The first Fiji Broadcasting Commission was appointed in June 1953, as assumed control of broadcasting…

Samoan Radio Journey

by David Ricquish We turned a corner on the Cross Island Road, and there sat a stumpy little radio tower, almost hidden in the misty…

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CQ CQ CQ Seeking Information

Antenna near Alice Springs?

On 2021-07-03 Jamie Fehr wrote to us: G’day, In 2015, I did a tour from Alice Springs to Uluru. We drove by some sort of antenna installment, I…

Wagga Wagga Food Parcels?

Ann Wells recently contacted us via our Facebook page with this inquiry: Hi, Bit of a long shot here, have recently been chatting to my…

Researching the life of Maya Rodevitch

Earlier this year James Duffy emailed us: Greetings: As is mentioned on your webpage, very little is known about the radio stations operating out of…


  • Redd Harper 1948
    by Thom on September 17, 2021 at 12:30

     Redd was a part of a concert band that became more and more successful until they were invited to join an Oklahoma City radio station in 1924. From there, his career took off and his music was in greater demand. In 1931 he joined a larger radio […]

  • Mary Turner 1991
    by Thom on September 17, 2021 at 12:28

     Mary TurnerTime to rock with Mary Turner.  An AOR daily show, it was quite the scandal in the early 80s and great.Mary Turner 1991More Mary Turner

  • Roland Bynum 1981
    by Thom on September 10, 2021 at 13:25

     KJLH 102.3's Roland Bynum and James Fields The musicman hanging out at The Taste of Soul L.A. a few years ago!Roland still makes it happen on Stevie Wonder's KJLH in Los Angeles every Saturday morning.Roland Bynum - 1981More Roland Bynum


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