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It’s Always Show Time at 2CH

Brochure from station 2CH, Sydney, Australia.

Radio and Gender Equality

“She enters the radio field feeling that there is a great chance for her to show the world at large that no science or business…

Unsung Heroes – D-Day and After

A Documentary by Broadcaster Keith Richardson Sixty years ago, a well-planned military operation codenamed ‘Overlord’, took place on the beaches of Normandy. It was the…

Australian “Broadcasting and Television Year Book” 1958

This first edition of the Broadcasting and Television Year Book has been produced by the company and personnel responsible for the fortnightly appearance of Broadcasting…

Gippsland Radio Heritage

In 2002 radio station 3BBR-FM, West Gippsland Community Radio Inc, located in Drouin, Victoria, Australia, produced two radio programs on the radio history of the…

Island Radio Pacific Style

Radio ZJV Suva

Foundations of Radio Fiji by Len Usher and Hugh Leonard The first Fiji Broadcasting Commission was appointed in June 1953, as assumed control of broadcasting…

Samoa’s Radio 2AP Redevelopment Project

Enjoy this YouTube video from Australia’s ABC on the redevelopment project at 2AP: Samoa’s newly rebuilt Radio 2AP transmitter is already broadcasting essential information to…

RNZI Mailbox Urban Pacific Radio Noumea

Hello, I’m David Ricquish in the Wellington studios of Radio New Zealand International and today we continue our look at the changing Pacific… and in…

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  • Chris Noel 1971
    by Thom on February 2, 2021 at 12:47

     Chris personified the "girl next door" with her show a Date With Chris.  A while back she made hundreds of hours of her shows available to us.  Thanks again my friend.Date With Chris - 1971More Chris Noel

  • Ronnie Landry 1959
    by Thom on January 28, 2021 at 19:20

     Ron Landry was later a part of Hudson and Landry.  He started in radio in 1954 at WJMA in Orange, VA.  After a few years the lights of Roanoke called.  1958 Ron was drafted into the army and worked for AFRTS in NY.  Private E2 Ronnie Landry was picked up by the network.AFRTS Ronnie Landry 1959When he left the military it was the big time, WDRC, WBZ.  1969 he conquered Los Angeles.

  • En Espanol
    by Thom on January 27, 2021 at 12:41

     The network tried to reach out to everyone. There have always been many Latino soldiers.  Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, every latino country has been represented.  In World War II "Chiquita" was one of the first AFRS shows directed to this audience.  In 1955 the show was still running. Chiquita 1955There was a wide variety of talent over the years.  At the end of the big network years we had Mary Helen Barro.Mary Helen Barro - 1983


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