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The Early Marconi Years at Chelmsford

Back in the early days of wireless and radio, station callsigns were applied in several different ways; there was no clear, no regular pattern.  Official internationally recognized callsigns were in use to identify a specific transmitter, or a specific transmitter frequency, or a particular programming service, or a particular transmitter usage, such as amateur, experimental, communication or broadcasting.

Radio Stations for the Navajo Nation in the United States

The use of radio had an appeal to the Navajo in the pre-war years, and there were occasions when a tribal scene was enacted depicting the use of a receiver.  For example in October 1924, a photo was published in Radio News showing a Navajo mother with her baby at the rim of the Grand Canyon, listening to a broadcast on a radio receiver.

The Radio Scene on the World’s Largest Private Property

The world’s largest property in private ownership was Victoria River Downs with its almost 16,000 square miles of cattle country, some 500 miles south of Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia.  In the year 1879, the South Australian government awarded the concession to two men, Englishman Charles Fisher and Australian born Maurice Lyons, who developed the land together as a cattle ranch…

Visiting the Punta Brava antennas of the Uruguayan Navy

The Punta Brava Transmitting and Receiving Station is currently operated by Communications Personnel of the Fifth Division of the Navy’s General Staff, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, operating communications systems that allow them to fulfill the tasks assigned to them. the station.

Islands of Curiosity

With its white-sand beaches and tropical foliage, the Scilly Isles have some of the UK’s most beautiful scenery (writes Monica Lillis). Originally launched as Radio Scilly in 2007, Islands FM is a non-profit community radio station informing and entertaining the five-island archipelago’s 2,500 inhabitants.

Island Radio Pacific Style

Radio ZJV Suva

Foundations of Radio Fiji by Len Usher and Hugh Leonard The first Fiji Broadcasting Commission was appointed in June 1953, as assumed control of broadcasting…

Samoa’s Radio 2AP Redevelopment Project

Enjoy this YouTube video from Australia’s ABC on the redevelopment project at 2AP: Samoa’s newly rebuilt Radio 2AP transmitter is already broadcasting essential information to…

RNZI Mailbox Urban Pacific Radio Noumea

Hello, I’m David Ricquish in the Wellington studios of Radio New Zealand International and today we continue our look at the changing Pacific… and in…

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CQ CQ CQ Seeking Information

Garry Raynes of 2KA/4IP?

Ian Anderson emailed us: My name is Ian Anderson, my Mother was Maureen Raynes, her brother was Garry Raynes, I believe that he was a…

Searching Soldat Henri Lisiewicz

Anita Druskovic writes to us from Germany: I’m from Germany and I search my Grandpa. I have not many Informations of him. Only a few…

Antenna near Alice Springs?

On 2021-07-03 Jamie Fehr wrote to us: G’day, In 2015, I did a tour from Alice Springs to Uluru. We drove by some sort of antenna installment, I…


  • JIm Pewter 1980
    by Thom on June 23, 2022 at 13:58

     Photo: Gene Price, Charlie Tuna and Jim PewterI was in Jim's old neighborhood last week.  He lived in St Paul, just a little off of University Avenue.  It's still the same houses.  Working class then and now. Jim Pewter 1980More Jim Pewter

  • Charlie Tuna 1983
    by Thom on June 22, 2022 at 11:27

     "Boss Angeles" Charlie was one of the guys that made KHJ happen.  The things Bill Drake did with that station had a lot to do with every top 40 station in the United States.  Charlie started there in the mid-60s and went with us in 1971. […]

  • AFRS Iceland - JIm Rourke 1971
    by Thom on June 22, 2022 at 11:12

    Jim Roark checked in with his memories of AFRTS in Iceland:Karl Phillips directed me to this site: he worked the Nite Owl show on nights when I was off. I was full time at the radio station from sometime in 71 to sometime in 73. Prior to that I […]


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