Month: September 2015

2080 Campaign Launched

Now we’re almost 6 months into a new financial year, we have to do something about the dreaded 20/80 ratio… basically we have 80% of the funds needed until September 30 but we must bridge the missing 20% gap otherwise we’ll record another loss for the year!

KEAD Wake 1490 AM Treasure Island

WAKE ISLAND AIRFIELD, Alaska — In a tale straight from an adventure book, personnel stationed at Wake Island Airfield in the mid-Pacific recently stumbled upon a vinyl record collection with an estimated value between $90,000 and $250,000.

The 611th Air Support Group’s Detachment 1 is now making a comprehensive effort to preserve the nearly 9,000 vintage vinyl records and ship them to their rightful owner, the American Forces Radio and Television Network in Alexandria, Va., according to Master Sgt. Jean-Guy Fleury, infrastructure superintendent, who took over the project from the former Detachment 1 commander, Maj. Aaron Wilt…

The Island in Ontario

Nautel technology plays a key role in Canada’s only Green Radio Station It’s an idyllic setting: crystal clear azure water; incredible natural beauty; fresh clean…

Hawaii Public Radio Covers Islands

Nautel V10 is the Perfect Solution for Oahu Mountain-Top Facility Since working in broadcasting from the mid-1960’s, I’ve installed many transmitters across the US mainland….

Welcome new Advisory Group

This month after more than 10 years operation, a new Advisory Group was appointed by the board. Their role is basically to provide guidance to…

Most popular stories of the past 4 years

You’ll find some old favorites listed in the Top 10 stories from the past 4 years, and maybe discover some new ones. We’ve gone back…

Saudi Arabia launches 30 new FM stations

MoCI, Saudi Arabia Installs 30 Nautel 5+1 Configurations The Ministry of Culture and Information (MoCI) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is utilizing Nautel’s…

DZLG Bombo Radyo

Nautel XR12 Transmitter Amazes with Quick, Four-Step Installation Our Network, Bombo Radyo Philippines has acquired 11 Nautel units which includes XRs, NVs and NXs Series….

RNZI Mailbox Radio Sunshine AM & FM Niue

Today, we’re going 2,500 kilometers north of Auckland to the Savage Island, the Rock of Polynesia, or as it’s more widely known… Niue. It’s just…