75 Years of 7LA Launceston

On the 13th of December 2005 radio station 7LA in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia, celebrated 75 years of broadcasting.

These two CDs, donated by Bruce Carty, feature special programming from the station that celebrate this milestone.

Read more about the history of 7LA in our feature “7LA Launceston – The Original and Feature Station”:

7LA is now 98.3 LAFM

In 2005, it was announced that 7LA, along with 7EX and ABC Northern Tasmania were to move to the FM band – 7LA on 89.3, 7EX on 90.1 and ABC Northern Tasmania on 91.7. In 2008, the station relaunched as 89.3 LAFM, with the AM service ceasing transmission in February 2009.

Today, the station networks the majority of its programming to Scottsdale-based 7SD.


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  1. What a shame this is essentially only 80’s onwards “history”. There was much more to 7LA and its personnel and sadly, some of the significant names were still around and perfectly lucid in 2005, when this was cobbled together. They could have provided a real background and I can only assume it was ail rather too hard basket to do real research? What a missed opportunity and how sad that’s so.

    1. Hi Lesley – If you have any stories that you’d be willing to contribute to “fill in the gaps” we’d be happy to add them to our site.