I want to THANK everyone for the support you have given this site over the years. It truely is a "labor of love" for us. It is not inexpensive to maintain, but I will never charge hobbyists for using the site. I dont accept advertising.  The BGS logo on the front page is where I work ....

Keep visiting the site and feel free to email me with comments, suggestions and updates..... I wish I had time to respond to each email but I do appreciate your input....

Have a great 2013 DX season

warmest regards

Lee J Freshwater



Q: How long have you been doing this site ?

A:  We have been providing this site sine 1995. We started out as a "Geocities" site and moved it to AMLOGBOOK.COM about 5years ago

Q: How did the site get started ?

A: In 1995, I purchased some DOS software to organize a large collection of records. In learning this software, I realized it could be used as a database for  radio stations. Having long missed the original Jones Long, I started this database. The original idea was to make a log book to use while DX'ing.  It was shortly after that, I decided to post it on the web for all to use. 

Q: What software do you use ? 

A: For the database I use Homecraft's OYC software. Originally sold as a DOS based system, a windows system was made available. I never bought the Windows version, as I really liked the DOS version. It  runs fine on my WIN 2000 machine. About a year ago, I found that the Windows version was made available on line for free.  Here is a link : . For the Web Site, I use a combination of "Front Page" and a VERY OLD version of AOL PRESS. Graphics are done with Paint Shop Pro. - The link to OYC does not work anymore. Looks like this software is no longer available. 9-5-09

Q: Does it cost anything for a subscription ?

A:  NO, and it never will. I know that many sites have gone to a subscription rate and passwords, I find that to be a pain in the ass. Altho is does cost a lot of money to maintain, THIS IS A HOBBY. And Hobbies cost MONEY.

Q: I see that you now use "frames" on the site. My browser does not support them. What do I do?

A: First of all, I suggest you download a FREE copy of "firefox" It is a GREAT Browser and works much better than I . E.   Here is a link :  I work with computers 10 hours a day in my job, and would not be without Firefox.  Or you can go to That should work.  NOTE: THE NEW EDITION DOES NOT USE FRAMES. - LF 08/01/08 

Q: Where do you get your information ?

A: I get most of it from M street Journal / 100,000 / International Radio Club of America / National Radio Club / and emails from readers. I also use the Radio Guide yearly book and the N.R.C. logbook

Q: Do you have any plans to include FM and/or TV on this site ?

A: I would love to. We tried that and found that we did not have the time to do it properly. Remember, this is a hobby and we only have "so much time" There are lots of FM & TV sources on the WEB. After much thought, we decided it best to leave the FM & TV to those sources. If anyone wants to do FM & TV, I will be more than happy to host such a site. 

Q: Is your database available for purchase ?

A: NO . If anyone wants the data files or the Text files from the Web site, I will be HAPPY to share them via email at no charge.

Q: How often do you update the Database / Web Site ?

A: I "try" to do an update page every 2 weeks. (March/April/May are BUSY travel months for me) Remember, I have a "staff" of one !!

Q: Why do an "UPDATE PAGE" ?? WHY not update all the pages ?

A: Simple .. The word is "TIME" To update just ONE web page, I have to : Up date the database, Sort the database, Import the database into the web, . To do ALL the pages, it takes about 12-15 HOURS. AN update page is faster for me

Q: How often to you change the "look" of the site ?

A: I am a believer in changing web site design every couple of years. First of all, it gets boring to see the same thing over and over. And second of all,. IT'S FUN...

Q: What is your Primary Target Audience ?

A: I get allot of email from Broadcasters who use my site. But the prime target are the many DX'ers out there who still get a thrill out of hearing a station from many miles away. 

Q: Where did you get the Vane Jones Covers ?

a: Those are scans from my personal collection of old Vane Jones Logs, and a couple from Web Site users.

Q: What is your background ?

A: I have been in Broadcasting since 1968. Started off in Muncie / New Castle, Indiana. Went to Illinois, back to Indiana. In 1989, I moved to Florida and worked for 11 years for a Fort Lauderdale based Radio group as Corporate Engineer with stations in Panama City, Venice and Ocala, Florida where I still reside.. Since 2001 I have worked for Broadcasters General Store. We are one of 3 large companies that sell broadcasting equipment to Radio and TV stations. OK, cheap plug time : I also hold a general class Amateur License KE4QLK . I am a member or I.R.C.A. / N.R.C. / WFTDA . SInce 1996 I have edited the Eastern DX column for I.R.C.A. I have been a DX'er since my Junior High Days in 1965.

Q: What do you do in your "spare time"

A: DXing AM/FM/TV, Ham Radio , woodworking, and restoring old radios are my main hobbies.   

Q: You used to have the Tower site and Canadian stations listed separately. Why?

A: Back in "early days" of this site, all the backup data files were stored on a floppy. That only gave us 1.4 MB of storage. We used separate "catalogs" for US / Canada / & Tower sites so the data files would stay below that magic number. Now with Plug In USB drives, this is no longer an issue. We combined the catalogs this year. There may be some differences in how they appear. That will be fixed as time goes by.

Q: I can't find any "links" on your page. Why?

A: I don't have any. They are hard to maintain and are always out of date. We tried using some links for a time, but found most of them didn't work over time. Most web sites from Hobbyists don't last long. Interests change, and links are NOT updated. So I decided not to use them

Q: I sent you updates, but never heard back ? Did you get the updates?

A: I am sure I did. Unfortunately, I don't have time to answer ALL the emails I get. I GREATLY appreciate all the information I receive. AND I USE IT !!!  Sometimes on the update page and ALWAYS in the Master Database. I try to give proper credit when ever possible

Q: I don't understand the last entry. It has a date then some symbols. What do they mean ?

A: When ever I update the database, I have a slot for the DATE and what was Updated.  So, if I see an entry that says 11/05 CF. that means on 11 of 2005 I updated the format of the station and the call letters.  If you see 11/05 # that means on 11 of 05 I listed the station as "silent" The letter p means the power was updated.

Q: What does all the Antenna information mean ?

A:  NDA = Non Directional  DA-D = Directional Antenna during the DAY  DA-N = Directional Antenna used at night  DA-2 = Different Directional Patterns day & Night. 

Q: How does the listing for LAT/LON work ?

A: This is a bit complicated. We only have a limited numbers of "lines" available for the database. I ran into a problem of not having enough "lines" when I combined the tower locations into the main database. The first entry is the latitude then longitude... In the case of a dual location where the station uses 2 different sites. I list the day site in lat/night site in lat. Then we list the day site in long/night site in long.

Q: You list my local station as "Country" and it has been Gospel for years. Why ?

A: Perhaps no one reported the change to the many sources that we use. Perhaps we missed it. Just email me the information ?

Q: You listed a change for my local station that is wrong. Why?

A: That does happen. "Someone" reported the change to one of our sources. I can't listen to every station or call each station to verify a change. Once, one of our local stations was reported as flipping to Spanish. Truth was, They leased one hour of time on Sunday Afternoon to a Spanish group. Someone driving up I -75 heard it and reported it as a format change. Thats what makes our hobby so much fun !!

 09/01/11  L.J.F.