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Due to lack of time, I no longer maintain this web site but have donated the contents to the Radio Heritage Foundation to host online for reference purposes.

Welcome to this radio history site

Europe has a very rich radio history, starting with the very first radio broadcasts by Italian Gugliermo Marconi in the 19th century.

This site will become a media rich site, with loads of images and sounds, but also lots of plain text information. The main core, however, will be dozens of internal links which should give you a wiki-like feeling and which will bring you from one article to the next.

I hope you will enjoy many pleasant reading hours!

Year in view: 1987

This is the year Laser Hot Hits returned to the airwaves... and again disappeared.

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Station in view: History of MW in Vienna and Niederösterreich

  • Stefan Greve's and Walter Brummer's interesting report on the history of medium wave in Vienna and Niederösterreich.

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Current situation

  • If you want to know what stations are currently broadcasting on long and medium wave in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, please visit the Euro-African Medium Wave Guide.