What Others Are Saying

More and more people are talking about this unique global on-line heritage project. In magazines, newspapers and websites, as well as sending their personal comments. From people like you who’ve been touched in some way by what our volunteers are trying to achieve, here’s a small sample. On behalf of all contributors and supporters, thank you.


“Thank you for your valuable assistance with a version of the Pacific Asian Log, suitable for conversion and printing in Braille!”
(Tore Johnny Bråtveit, Norway.
Participant in KONG13).

NZ Minister of Broadcasting

“I do appreciate your commitment to New Zealand’s radio heritage and your hard work. Radio is an extremely evocative medium, and radio broadcasts (and associated objects) of the past are certainly valuable in helping us understand our own history. I wish you well in this work.”
(Steve Maharey
Minister of Broadcasting
Wellington, New Zealand
February 14 2005)

The Pacific Studies WWW Monitor

Overall Rating: 5 stars.
Scholarly Usefulness: Essential.
Resource: news-documents-study-corporate info-online guide.
(Australian National University, Canberra, ACT)

Web Site Captures Radio History

The result is an astounding collection of radio history that continues to grow. The group’s vision of the site includes historical accounts in text, archival photos, aircheck recordings and links to Web sites of operating broadcast stations that have inherited historic allocations, callsigns, facilities and other memorabilia, plus a comprehensive search engine to make the data accessible.

The site has appeal across many domains beyond radio history, including contemporary engineering, radio programming, sociology, and even art and architecture.
(Skip Pizzi, Radio World Newspaper, Falls Church, VA)