A Warm Pacific Welcome

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Welcome! Here, you’ll find features, pictures, personalities, commercial art, radio station guides, audio and more connecting popular culture, nostalgia and radio heritage across the Pacific and beyond.

The most popular series are Long Lost Australian Radio Stars, AFRS Armed Forces Radio Memories, Pacific USA, and Island Radio Pacific Style. There’s the latest news from the Kiwi radio scene here, as are the Pacific Asia Listener (PAL) Guide, the Australian Radio Guide and the New Zealand Radio Guide.

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We’re a registered non-profit funded entirely by donations and operating fulltime since 2004. Volunteers are always welcome to help with projects, most of which are on-line and can be done from anywhere in the world. Your donations keep this site free and help us protect more radio heritage.

How old is old to us? If it happened whilst you read this, it’s already in the past and now part of our heritage. Comments about this site? Email us. Contributions of features, images and audio welcomed.

Again, a warm Pacific welcome. We hope you find what you’re looking for, will share the site with your friends, and will come back often.


Our vision is simple.

We’re sharing the stories of Pacific radio and beyond.

More than anywhere else in the world, radio found an easy home here, conquering vast distances of ocean, and connecting the scattered islands with each other in much the same way early Polynesian seafarers used the sea itself as their main means of communication.

The modern messenger travels via the airwaves and reaches into the homes and hearts of hundreds of millions around the Pacific rim.

In little more than one hundred years, radio has become an inseparable part of our daily lives. As time moves forward, it’s easy to leave behind the memories, the events, the stories and the sounds that have contributed towards our heritage.

The danger, and the reality, is that memories fade, documents are destroyed, buildings are bulldozed, old discs and tapes disintegrate, items lay lost and forgotten in museums, archives, filing cabinets, garages and basements, and people simply pass away, taking their own stories with them.

Through the virtual archive project, the oral history project, events and exhibitions, radio, television and video documentaries, research and publishing, advocacy and education, entertainment and outreach, we’re bringing back the stories scattered to the four winds.

Here’s the gathering place for celebrating the memories, the events, the sounds, the scenes and the excitement of radio in the Pacific from the past, through the present and into the future.

Bringing people, resources and heritage together and alive on-line and in locations across the Pacific, our network of radio heritage partners, volunteers and members grows to support efforts to protect, preserve, showcase and celebrate radio.

We simply provide a stage and a platform, and, of course, a microphone, from which everyone shares their story as a broadcaster or as a listener and here, the stars of radio shine again.

The breadth and depth of the story is as immense as the Pacific itself. Join us on a unique global collaboration that brings together the skills, knowledge, resources, passion and purpose of many individuals, agencies, businesses and institutions from Alaska to Antarctica and Chile to China.

We’re all sharing the stories of Pacific radio and beyond.