AFRTS AFN Kodiak Alaska – Rare Audio from 1967

This recording has been donated by George Lowen, from Chicago USA, who found it on a collection of reel to reel tapes he had purchased.

It is part of an episode of The Steve Phillips Show from 1967, recorded in the studios of “The Mighty 8-90”, AFRTS Adak.

Naval Communications Station, Adak, Alaska, in 1972. Photo: NSGDept/NSGA Adak webpage
Bayshore, with Sweeper Cove in the Distance, 2015. Adak once housed more than 6,000 people, now about 80 remain. The housing pictured here is almost entirely abandoned. To the left is Kuluk Bay, and beyond that the Bering Sea. Photo © Ben Huff

This episode appears to have been made for, or dedicated to, the staff/listeners of AFRTS Shemya.

Postcard of Shemya c1966-67. Image: Larry Byler

Listen to the audio:

List of AFN Alaska radio stations still on-air in 1986

Adak 	         890 KHz 	  250w
Black Rapids 	1550 KHz 	  50w
Campion 	1490 KHz 	  50w
Cape Lisburne 	1400 KHz 	  50w
Cape Newenham 	1450 KHz 	  50w
Cape Romanzof 	1240 KHz 	  50w
Clear 	        1490 KHz 	  50w
Cold Bay 	1450 KHz 	  50w
Eilson 	        1490 KHz 	  100w
Ft. Greely 	1360 KHz/90.5 MHz 50w
Ft. Yukon 	1340 KHz 	  50w
Galena 	        1400 KHz 	  50w
Indian Mountain 1240/1490 KHz 	  50w
King Salmon 	970 KHz 	  250w
Kodiak 	        960 KHz 	  50w
Kotzebue 	1340 KHz 	  50w
Shemya 	        90.5/101.1 MHz 	  300w
Sparrevohn 	1550 KHz 	  50w
Tatalina 	1450 KHz 	  50w
Tin City 	1490 KHz 	  50w
Tok Junction 	1400 KHz 	  50w 

(List from Kodiak Alaska Military History, Radio & Telephone webpage)

Read more about the history of Armed Forces Radio in Alaska:

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