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The Story of Terezinha Felix Cardoso (PT2TF)

Martin Butera talks to Terezinha Felix Cardoso (PT2TF), one of the oldest YLs in Brazil about her life in amateur radio.

Interview with Enivaldo Alves Silva PT2CA

Martin Butera (LU9EFO – PT2ZDX), prepared this special report on the relationship that exists between Esperanto, radio amateurs and the media, specifically shortwave transmissions.

The Collection of Adinei Brochi PY2ADN

Martin Butera (PT2ZDX-LU9EFO), travels to the city of Americana, in the interior of Sao Paulo, to meet his colleague Adinei Brochi (PY2ADN), owner of one of the private collections of the most important radio transmitters in Brazil.

Interview with Gustavo de Faria Franco

Martin Butera (PT2ZDX – LU9EFO), visited LABRE (Liga de Amadores Brasileiros de Radio Emissão), to interview the new Vice President and Treasurer of IARU region 2.

The Sun, Radio Propagation and the Brasilia Planetarium

Martin Butera takes a look at how the sun impacts radio propagation, with a bonus photo-tour of the Brasilia Planetarium.

Inside the Green and Yellow Contest

Our correspondent in Brazil, for RHF Martin Butera PT2ZDX/LU9EFO, had access to PT2CVA, the official broadcaster of the famous Brazilian “Verde Amarelo” contest, organized by the Brazilian army communications school.

A tour of ZW5B: One of the largest DX contest stations in South America

Our columnist in South America, Martín Butera, presents us with an interesting tour of this impressive South American contest station. With more than 10 towers and large stacked single band yagis, this is one of the most consistent calls in global and national contests.

Special Report on Brazil’s First WebSDR Public Reception Station

Brazilian amateur radio also had its heyday, where several high-level technicians were created and brought communication to isolated corners of a giant country with continental distances such as Brazil. But times have changed, other communication technologies have been developed, giving way to WebSDR, today here we will know one of the most complete in the world and it is located in the interior of the city of São Paulo, Brazil.

Alexandre Grimberg PY1AHD, creator of the “AlexLoop” antenna

During my visit to the city of Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, I had the pleasant experience of sharing a dinner with the great Alexandre Grimberg PY1AHD, famous inventor of the “Alex Loop” antenna.

A Radio Fair in Buenos Aires

Martin Butera takes us on a visit to a radio fair (hamfest) in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, South America.

The Art of Collecting: Henrique Schuchmann Morador

Collecting is a basic and very old human instinct, typical of organized, careful and somewhat obsessive people. Our interviewee is the opposite. Entering his garage in which he keeps a secret bunker where he hosts his radio collections, is like entering a trip to the origins of the cosmos, a collection of messy planets that at the same time work in perfect balance.

Transatlantic Tests Mark 99th Anniversary

12/09/2020 On December 11, 1921, radio history was made when the signal from amateur station 1BCG in Greenwich, Connecticut, was heard in Ardrossan, Scotland, marking…

Australian Radio 1922-2012 – Amateur Radio DJs lead the way…

It’s around 90 years ago that the first Australian radio stations began broadcasting to a few enthusiastic early adopters of the new technology called wireless, and this is the kind of music that was popular at the time.

Art of Amateur Radio Japan : The Quartz Hill Collection

Many amateur radio operators include entertaining art work on their personal QSL cards, and here are some of the cartoon style characters featuring on a selection of such cards from Japan.

Amateur QSL Gallery : ZL2ADN Collection Radio Shacks

In the first of this new series, amateur radio stations from around the world that have worked ZL2ADN Palmerston North, New Zealand, are featured. ZL2ADN…

ZL6RWC Rugby World Cup Radio

Calling all radio/rugby fans MELISSA KINEALY Papakura Radio Club members will be making contact with people from all around the world during the Rugby World…

The Quartz Hill Collection 2

In the second of this series, the Quartz Hill Collection, amateur radio stations from around the world that have worked ZL6QH feature in the Radio…

Kiwi Amateurs 12-92 On Air – Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?

Interviewed by Geoff Taylor – Waikato Times Cecil James and Brendan Farrell share something unique: they are the oldest and youngest ham radio operators in…

Quartz Hill Collection

In the first of a new series, the Quartz Hill Collection, amateur radio stations from around the world that have worked ZL6QH feature in the…

Early ZL3 Amateurs

A Guide to Amateur Radio Stations in Christchurch 1932 By David Ricquish ‘Wireless listening will have a bit of a run, like ping-pong, or put-and-take,…