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Art of Amateur Radio Japan : The Quartz Hill Collection

Many amateur radio operators include entertaining art work on their personal QSL cards, and here are some of the cartoon style characters featuring on a selection of such cards from Japan.

Art of Radio New Zealand 1978 ©

At the end of the 1970’s, almost 40 separate radio stations with different programs broadcast in New Zealand. We’ve chosen some examples of artwork from half of these to give you an idea of how the early private stations and the state broadcaster chose to portray themselves to their increasingly youthful audience.

Art of Radio Hawaii ©

Just the word ‘Hawaii’ conjures up every possible classic tropical image. It’s not surprising therefore, that a variety of Hawaiiana images have been used by Hawaiian radio stations in their commercial letterhead and logo designs.

Art of Radio © Japan

Art of Radio © Japan by David Ricquish Japanese radio stations have created and supported a spectacular body of commercial art work since the early…

The Art of Radio

When radio was introduced to the public in the early 1920’s, it was a time when poster art was still an important means of advertising….

The Art of Radio – Part 1

This article now forms part of the Radio Heritage Collection ©. All rights reserved to Ragusa Media Group, PO Box 14339, Wellington, New Zealand. This…