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Remembering the Tiri

On the Eastern shores of Matakohe-Limestone Island lie the derelict remains of a once-famous floating pirate radio studio. Scattered skeletal piles of rusting metal is all that remains of the shipwrecked Tiri, once the beating heart of Radio Hauraki and the centre of a political and media storm of the swinging sixties. From her cockpit on the Hauraki Coast, she debuted to the carefree tune of Matt Monro’s Born Free, defiantly blasting through wireless into the homes of thousands of 1960s young Kiwi fans.

New Home for 2XN

When the studios of Station 2XN, in Nelson, New Zealand, were destroyed in a fire which ravaged two Trafalgar Street buildings in late 1965, the Broadcasting Corporation had to find a new home for its local station pending the building of its own block.

AFRTS AFN Kodiak Alaska – Rare Audio from 1967

Part of an episode of The Steve Phillips Show from 1967, recorded in the studios of “The Mighty 8-90”, AFRTS Adak, dedicated to the staff/listeners of AFRTS Shemya.

Midway Communications Facilities

A collection of photos from Charles E. Kinzer (Navy ETN2 on Midway 1966-1968), taken during his time working on Midway in the 1960s.

KMTH Midway – Photos from 1968

Charles E. Kinzer (Navy ETN2 on Midway 1966-1968) sent us these photos he took on Midway c1968 during his time working at the transmitter site 1966-1968.

The Early Days of 2KO Newcastle

The material used in this history has come from scrapbooks and transmitter logs held by 2KO, photos and documents provided by the families of Jim Cowan, Ken Greenhalgh, Max Spitzkowsky, Harold Whyte and previous staff members Rob Cornwell, Ron, Dorothy and Len Daley, Reg and Judy Davis, Ron Hurst, Roy Nielson, Russell Thornton and Allan Whyte.

NZBC Radio Recordings from the 1960s

A selection of radio-related features broadcast on the NZBC’s “4ZB Network” in the 1960s & early 1970s. These recordings come from an un-attributed CD in…

New Radio Station for Northland

Northland will shortly have its first national radio station which will be known as Station 1YX.

Looking Back: New radio service goes on air

The Herald, 1 November 1960 NEW broadcasting transmitters which will enable the African service of the Federal Broadcasting Corporation to “go regional” come into operation…

Rare QSL from WSZD Ponape

PONAPE Eastern Caroline Islands WSZD – March 1967 Radio Station WSZD was a government owned broadcaster serving Ponape in the US Trust Territory of the…

New Buildings for KJQR & WSZO in 1969

Two Trust Territory Radio Stations Locally Designed Construction of two new radio stations in the Trust Territory will begin early this year. They are scheduled…

History Preserved AWA Broadcast 500W Transmitter Model P5 Serial Number 1

The AWA BTM-P5 was a 500 Watt broadcast transmitter manufactured in Australia in the 1960s. The P5, and its big brother the BTM-2J, were produced…

Self Help are Cheaper! Cheaper! Cheaper! – Classic NZ Supermarket Commercials from the 1960s

If you were growing up in New Zealand in the 1960s, and listened to any commercial radio at all, chances are you will remember the…

Tuning in Radio Sarawak – Historic Film from 1961

The website of the Imperial War Museums contains this rare 1961 film about Radio Sarawak in Malaya. The film description reads: Information film about the…

Sunshine Coast Memories

Musical memories on the Sunshine Coast Backward GlanceSunshine Coast CouncilMay 2017 On the Near North Coast during the late 1950s and early 1960s, a shift…

AFRTS Archive: Polka Party – 1961

Dick Sinclair was one of our first jocks. He was in that first class at Fox Film studios in 1943, went to the Mosquito Network….

4IP Ipswich: Promotional Postcards from the 1960s

Ron Williams has kendly sent us these promotional postcards that were given out by 4IP in the 1960s: All postcard images © Ron Williams Read…

Shortwave Radio: Radio Australia, 1969

Shortwave Radio – Radio Australia, 1969Before the internet we listened to shortwave radio stations from all over the world.Published by dfirth224 on YouTube.

2UW Sydney Australia: A Video Tribute to the 1960s NEW-UW The Swingin’ Sound of Sydney

A tribute to Sydney radio station 2UW and its dee-jays during the late 60’s.Published by old45s on YouTube. > Read more about the history of 2UW…

Retro Radio Dial: Idaho 1963

Share your own memories of Idaho Radio Frequency Call Location Owner   AM   540 KBRV Soda Springs JC Wallentine 580 KFXD Nampa Fletcher-Mitchell Corporation…