Category: The 2010s

3NNN Edge FM Deniliquin

An independent broadcaster in Victoria, Australia, has taken a green leap of faith and installed the world’s most eco-friendly transmitter in its class.

Radio Pretoria, South Africa

Radio Pretoria is a community radio station broadcasting from the capitol of South Africa. The station operates a
network consisting of 10 transmitters. On the 19th of September 2012, the same day that Radio Pretoria turned 19
years old, Vaughan Taylor from Taylor Engineering installed a Nautel VS2.5 FM transmitter at their ‘Kleinfontein’
site close to Pretoria.

Evicted Radio Eketahuna faces closure

Radio Eketahuna, which broadcasts on 106.5fm, must either close down or find another home base.

NSS FM North Street School, Feilding

School FM radio taking to the air BOBBIE NICHOLLS North Street School’s Poutama Opportunity Programme gives year 7 and 8 students a choice of activities…

Radio Control holds Manawatu Music Memories

Old tapes roll for the record Catching up with the man archiving the city’s musical history One year ago a Palmerston North man began the…

Pirate Stations Inspired Love of Radio

Hiding under his duvet and listening to pirate radio stations started Richard Williams’ love affair with the airwaves. Mr Williams can clearly remember the fear…

New Pulse Found at Pulzar

Can’t wait to move back to Chch ANDY POULSEN Immediately following the February quake we were incredibly thankful we’d moved from our townhouse in Hereford…

Radio Control in New Hands

Laura Walters Radio Control is ready for change, as the long-time student station says goodbye to its team leader, Jacob Lilley, and welcomes in David…

Talkback Host has Done the Hard Yards

Talkback host sensed it was ‘time to pull the pin’ The fire started to fade in the chill of winter. Mike Yardley would wake up…

ZL6RWC Rugby World Cup Radio

Calling all radio/rugby fans MELISSA KINEALY Papakura Radio Club members will be making contact with people from all around the world during the Rugby World…

Christchurch Earthquake 2011

A devastating earthquake hit Christchurch [New Zealand] on February 22 2011. Radio services to the metropolitan area have been disrupted with many studios damaged and…