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Return to Guadeloupe: The Radio Scene on outlier islands

We return to the radio scene on Guadeloupe, and in particular to the radio scene on the other nearby islands that form part of the this French overseas department in the Caribbean.

Return to Guadeloupe

We return to the French island of Guadeloupe which is shaped like the wings of a butterfly that is flying towards the northwest.  That island is located between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, and we examine the early communication radio scene and their almost three quarter century of mediumwave radio history.

Hurricane Fiona and the Early Shortwave Scene on Guadeloupe

Adrian Peterson takes a look at Guadeloupe, in the Caribbean, and its early radio history.

Barbados in the Caribbean: The Royal Visit and the Radio Scene

According to recent news items out of the Caribbean, the world’s newest independent republic celebrated its new status with flag ceremonies, a 21 gun salute, official speeches, and general merrymaking during the midnight hours of Monday November 29 and the early morning hours of Tuesday November 30 (2021).

The Plum Radio

Caribbean station The Plum Radio may only employ a team of five but its global reach spans continents. Based on the island of St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands, it was founded in 2020 to remedy a lack of smooth jazz on the airwaves.

Six Local Radio Broadcasting Stations on Antigua

The story of six local radio broadcasting stations that have been located on the island of Antigua, a British territory on the northeastern edge of the Caribbean. The stories associated with this cluster of local radio stations span more than half a century of interesting radio history.

Massive Aruba

In the south of the Caribbean, just north of Venezuela, sits the tiny island of Aruba (population: 110,000). Together with the nearby islands of Curaçao and Sint Maarten, it makes up the Dutch Caribbean, which falls within the jurisdiction of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. But despite its links to Europe, Aruba still has a distinct Caribbean culture and nowhere is this more evident than the town of San Nicolas.

The Island Called Antigua in the Caribbean

The island called Antigua is the main island of the independent Commonwealth mini-country in the Caribbean that is identified under the twin title as Antigua and Barbuda.

St. Vincent Volcanic Eruption

Normally a paradise for tourists, a recent massive volcanic eruption on St Vincent Island in the Caribbean (on Friday April 9, 2021) produced an ash…

Rare Kiwi MW/AM DX Audio Clips from the 1970s

Listen to some rare mediumwave DX audio clips recorded in New Zealand during the 1970s.

Remembering Rediffusion: Trinidad

REDIFFUSION (TRINIDAD) LTD. Maraval Road,   Port of SpainTrinidad.   Tel. 6565 Looking back at Rediffusion Trinidad Rediffusion in Trinidad was a fundamentally different proposition from it’s…

Barbados Rediffusion: The End of an Era in Broadcasting History

By IPS Correspondent Terry Ally BRIDGETOWN, Dec 2 1997 (IPS) – When the clock struck midnight Monday, signaling the climax of celebrations of the 31st…

About ZIZ Radio

The name ZIZ is not new to St. Kitts. In the mid 1930s the sons of Administrator Douglas Roy Stuart and their friend, Kittitian radio…

Radio Marti Begins Shortwave DRM Transmissions

USAGM aims to help drive development of low-cost DRM receivers By Hans JohnsonPublished: April 22, 2020 Radio Marti began Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) shortwave transmissions…

Radio Antilles Montserrat 1993 Recording

930 Radio Antilles – Montserrat West Indies. Recorded at 10:50 AM Saturday January 16, 1993 in Nevis. A short segment sending out greetings to listeners…

Radio Belize: George McKesey and old photos from the history of radio in Belize

The Ghost of George McKesey Still Haunts Us All! Pinned down in a green and mahogany sofa set near the radio my father made from…

Guyana has a rich history in radio

IF any Caribbean or even South American country has had a rich history in radio broadcasting then it has to be our very own Guyana….

10 Facts About the History of Radio in Jamaica

February 13, 2017 Radio is a vital part of Jamaican life. Since the first official broadcast on Radio Jamaica on Monday, July 10, 1950, Jamaican…

Trinidad and Tobago’s First Radio Broadcast

In celebration of Trinidad and Tobago’s Independence, we take a look at T&T’s Firsts. Events in our history that helped shape the nation into what…

Radio Saint Lucia Closure

Radio Saint Lucia to officially close by month-end: Fedee By SNO StaffJuly 11, 2017 All formalities and loose ends are expected to be tied by…