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Radio Tulum, Mexico

Near the tip of Mexico’s white-sand Yucatán Peninsula is the hip beach town of Tulum. Radio Tulum is a non-profit community radio station and production house that provides a venue for the town’s musicians to showcase their work. The area has been settled since ancient times and alongside its stunning beaches, it is also home to sacred Mayan ruins.

XEUT Tijuana, XERL Colima, XEMAX Tecoman and XHZZZ Manzanillo

Max Corona, an engineering manager in Colima, Mexico wrote in to tell us about his two Nautel J1000’s, a V5 transmitter and his recent purchase of two VS2.5 transmitters. Miriam Guirado, an electronic engineer in Tijuana, Mexico wrote in to tell us about his Nautel XL-12.