Early Australian AM Radio – Western Australia List

Western Australia
Golden Age 1920 – 1939

StateEraCall SignLocationOn AirBroadcast TypeLicencee
Western Australia 1920-1929 6BN Perth 1923 Experimental station A E Stevens
Western Australia 1920-1929 6AG Perth Experimental station Walter Coxon
Western Australia 1920-1929 6AB Kalgoorlie Experimental station Clyde Cecil
Western Australia 1920-1929 6AM Perth Experimental station Peter Kennedy
Western Australia 1920-1929 6WF Perth 1924 Commercial license Westralian Farmers
Western Australia 1920-1929 6WF Perth 1928 Government station [ex 6WF] Government of Western Australia

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Write and tell us any information you may have about any of these stations and the people involved. Send us photos of people, studios, equipment and anything else relevant. Copies of QSL [listener confirmation cards] or other items with station call signs, logos and artwork. Old magazine and newspaper articles. Let us know where heritage memorabilia may be stored.

Your piece of information may complete the picture. Contact us today.

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