Enquiry re. ‘Aristone’ record player/radio recently acquired

Anna P recently wrote to us:


I hope you can help, or point me in the right direction! 

I have just picked up a beautiful old ‘Aristone’ record player/radio, but in searching the internet can find very little information about either the player itself or the Aristone brand.

The person who sold it to me knew very little about it, other than that it’s in working order – from the coffee ring on the top of the item, it looks like it was being used as a coffee table! However, it was plugged in to the wall when I picked it up, indicating that it is indeed in working order.  

What I’m most interested to find out is the era of manufacture, if it’s possible to tell; and any tips for maintenance, care, or restoration. If you could kindly assist, or direct me to a source of information, it would be very much appreciated!

I’m including the pictures from the listing where I purchased it, as the player’s currently in my car while I’m at work – but I can provide more later if necessary.

Warm regards,


Can you help Anna? If so either post a comment to this post, or you can email her directly.


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