From David’s Desk: Issue 18

February 17 2007

Build your business – It’s about partnerships

You’ve got a brand or business you want to grow. We’ve got a global non-profit conservation effort that can help you.

You want your brand values protected and respected. You want measurable results. You want association with a good cause. We want our family friendly web platform to stay that way. We want to increase our radio heritage conservation programs. We need a regular and independent income stream so we can concentrate on protecting and promoting radio heritage in the Asia Pacific region.

It’s all about partnerships.

Email our Partnership Manager today and we’ll send you our rate-card. From as little as US$2 per thousand visitors a month, we offer 25 words of your copy embedded in the content of up to 13 different content themes [such as AFRS History, PAL Radio Guides, Australian Radio Memories] plus your click through logo.

We deliver thousands of monthly visitors, aged from at least 12 to at least 87, mainly from the USA, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Netherlands, Germany and Malaysia, and thousands of reasons why they’ve ended up at this site. We deliver 2800 plus hours of content time every month because people stay a long time, because the content holds their attention.

Upgrade to full Radio Heritage Foundation partnership level and your brand and business also becomes involved with one specific project. We build business together.

If you like the look of this site and believe the content attracts people you want to do business with, then email our Partnership Manager today for the rate-card and answers to your questions. We have five advertising partnerships available.

We can help you, because it’s good for us too. It’s all about partnerships. Email us today.

Long Lost Radio History Image

3YA Christchurch On Air

The official opening of Radio Station 3YA, Christchurch, New Zealand.

A delightful informal portrait of the happy crew some 80 years ago…  > read more

March 24 2007

Great Australian Radio Double DVD

Sorry, Stephen Savell’s Great Australian Radio DVD is currently unavailable.

Stephen Savell’s Great Australian Radio DVD Cover

Exclusively available on-line now, is the long awaited double DVD by Australian vintage radio guru Steve Savell…. and this is a must for every collector and lover of vintage or classic radio everywhere!

Steve has visited the most famous Australian vintage radio collections across the country, interviewed the owners, got them to point out and talk about their favourite vintage radios, and put together a stunning 90 minute double DVD packed with images, photos, interviews and much more….

Les Jolly of South Australia takes you through his personal collection, featuring all the coloured Mickey radio sets….. from Albany in Western Australia, Colin France explores his many varieties with over 100 rare sets on display… Les Mills in Geraldton, Western Australia shares his collection of 150 vintage radios….

Remember, these are personal tours inside private collections…you’ll never see them without buying the double DVD, so get your credit card ready to order now…

The famous Kriesler ‘Darlex Radio’ is centrepiece for the Quinton Cooper collection in Adelaide, South Australia along with many rare coloured sets… from Melbourne in Victoria, welcome into the home of Joe Smith and his amazing collection of empire radios and more coloured sets……

You’d need to travel thousands of miles and secure entrance into the private homes of all these collectors to do what Steve has done, and, you’d need Steve’s knowledge of Australian vintage radios to begin to understand the rare collections on display….. so sit back, relax and let Steve take you on this fabulous journey throughout his homeland….

Over 500 sets feature in the collection of Brian Armstrong from northern NSW, covering the period 1934-1960… Kurrajong, NSW go on a guided tour of the famous military museum of Ian O’Toole and see over 1000 vintage radios on display…and from South Australia again, let Keith Dunstall give you a personally guided tour of his wonderful collection…

The last surviving member of Batyphone Radio, Frank Moore in Albany, Western Australia is also interviewed by Steve.

This is the classic radio collection, and you can order your double DVD today by simply clicking on the Paypal Donate buttons…in New Zealand the price is just US$49.95 including shipping, or you can make a direct bank payment of NZ$69.95 to Radio Heritage Foundation, Donation AVDVD2, BNZ account # 02-0568-0025796-000 and include your name and then email us your shipping address. International Orders use your creditcard via the secure Paypal Donation button and pay just US$64.95, Euro 49.95 or UKP 34.95 including airmail shipping, and make sure you include your name and address in the ‘billing information’ so we know where to send your DVD.

Join Steve on this journey today, hundreds of copies already sold in Australia, and now available worldwide with easy creditcard payment and airmail shipping direct from the Radio Heritage Foundation.

Email us for special rates on shipping more than one copy, buy one and gift one to a friend! Remember, every purchase also supports our radio heritage activities, thanks to the kindness of Steve in making the DVD’s available through us.

Great Australian Radio, the double DVD, with 90 minutes of exclusive interviews, tours and the insiders story of Australia’s best kept vintage radio secrets, produced by Perth based vintage radio guru Steve Savell with assistance from Natalia Morgun.

Remember, you can also buy some of the few remaining sets of Steve’s gold medallion series of 12 Australian Vintage Wireless designs…the only sets of their kind with only 300 minted and fast disappearing into the hands of collectors across Australia and around the world.

We have a few sets left at just US$375 including insured air shipping from Perth anywhere in the world. Order your set today, and have a tangible souvenir of some of the world’s most beautiful artisan designed vintage radio sets in your personal collection…..and enjoy your 90 minute double DVD Great Australian Radio at the same time.

Both the double DVD and the medallions have been produced in limited quantities, so we recommend you get yours now to avoid disappointment.

Thanks for supporting the Radio Heritage Foundation, and enjoy the double DVD and medallions in your own collection by ordering them today.

March 15 2007

Radio Hauraki 40th Anniversary Book

Sorry, the Pirate Years by John Monks has now sold out.

Here’s your best chance to grab a piece of pirate radio history…

Only 500 copies of ‘The Pirate Years’ are being produced and we’ve been allocated just 30 copies….

Many others have already been allocated to Radio Hauraki staff and supporters in New Zealand.

Radio Hauraki The Pirate Years will be a pictorial record of the 1966-1970 era and will be:

  • hardbound
  • 305mm x 235mm landscape format
  • 200 pages [approx] of black and white and color photos
  • ‘Memories’ from many of the pirates
  • limited edition print run of only 500 copies
  • each book numbered AND your name printed in the book as one of the original 500 owners

The book is compiled by ex-Hauraki pirate John Monks, and includes photos from private collections and exclusive ‘memories’ just for this book. This is a private publication and all 500 copies must be pre-sold to finance printing and production costs.

If, for any reason, the project does not proceed, all payments will be refunded in full. However, talking with John recently, he confirmed that heavy orders have already been received and all he can allocate to us on a firm basis are just 30 copies.

If orders exceed 30, we’ll place you on a waiting list in case John can allocate a few more copies to us.

However, It’s expected the book will be fully pre-sold within the next week or so, and be available around May once all the art work is finished and the photos ready.

To make sure of your copy, use your VISA/Mastercard/AMEX via PayPal without delay.

Flyer for The Pirate Years Book by John Monks.

Sorry, the Pirate Years by John Monks has now sold out.

New Zealand Orders – Code PY01 Donation. US$54.95 [approx NZ$79.95] and include your name and full mailing address.

International Orders – Code PY02 Donation. US$84.95 or 44.95 UKP or Euro 64.95 and include your name and full shipping address.

Sorry, the Pirate Years by John Monks has now sold out.

Prices include local shipping or international airmail [this is a heavy book] and the prices also include a contribution towards the Radio Heritage Foundation, Paypal charges and foreign exchange costs.

With a lot of interest in Radio Hauraki’s pirate radio years in the UK, Germany, Netherlands and Australia, this book will be very popular around the world and by using your credit card at our website you can make sure of your copy right now.

There are only 500 copies, all must be pre-sold [most already are], each edition is numbered and includes your name as an original owner, but you must order now as we have only 30 copies allocated to sell via our website.

Please order now to get your copy of Radio Hauraki The Pirate Years by John Monks.

We also have just a few copies left of the original ‘Shoestring Pirates’ book [1986] from Adrian Blackburn and the CD ‘A Fresh Pacific Wind’ and you can also buy these from us at a good price.

Radio History: Tokyo Rose Broadcasts

by James Wood

Major Cousens had become friendly with Iva Togura, a Japanese-American girl, who, stranded and unable to return to California, had found some suitable typing work with NHK. Iva was pro-American. Cousens selected Iva to work as an announcer on his radio show, though meeting with a little opposition initially from his Japanese superiors. Cousens knew what he was doing, he wanted a genuine American female voice to join his team, which now comprised eight in all.  > read more

“Tokyo Rose”
[source and copyright unknown]

Radio History: Radio Tokyo at War

by James Wood

As is the case with most government-funded broadcasting services, Nippon Hoso Kyokai, the Japanese Broadcasting Corporation, in 1941 had a national and an international broadcasting service.
At that time, before Pearl Harbor, the overseas broadcasting bureau was transmitting international programs to the world over a network of SW transmitters.  > read more

Radio Tokyo building in 1945.
© N Gilbert Harris Collection, J Force [NZ] courtesy J Force Veterans website.

Long Lost Radio History Image

Eveready Air Cell 1937

Country radio listeners in Australia struggled with heavy accumulators to power early radio sets, and in June 1937, Eveready was promoting its ‘air cell’ operated radio…  > read more

Radio History: OWI Central Pacific Operations

The Office of War Information [OWI] in the Central Pacific, was responsible for propaganda broadcasts from stations KRHO Honolulu and KSAI Saipan, both stations beginning operation at 3.30am Hawaiian War Time, December 26 1944.  > read more

Radio Station KRHO QSL
© Adrian Peterson Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation.

Long Lost Radio History Image

Harmonica Lads on WLW

Some 70 years ago on February 22 1937, powerful Cincinnati radio station WLW promoted the Harmonica Lads via the Crosley Radio News Service.  > read more

Long Lost Radio History Image

ZBW Hong Kong 1934

The Hong Kong Broadcasting Committee operated Station ZBW on behalf of the Hong Kong Government.

This series of photographs from a listener QSL card issued in 1934…  > read more

Radio History: The Story of Radio Eniwetok

By John C. Seehaas

Radio Eniwetok
Station WXLE
The Armed Forces Radio Service
23 April 1948

The story of Radio Eniwetok is not, actually, the story of a radio station, but the story of the finest group of men with whom the author has ever had the pleasure of working. It is the story of espirit de corps elevated to the Nth degree.  > read more

John Seehaas at the microphone
© John C Seehaas Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation.

Long Lost Radio History Image

Cham The Man – 2ZC Napier

DJ Nev Chamberlain ‘Cham The Man’ in the book Voices in the Air recalls: ‘I well remember starting in this DJ business at station 2ZC Napier about 1959 and I have a feeling that I can claim to have put on the first ‘Top 40 Show’ in New Zealand.’  > read more

Radio History: Vietnam Village Radio

By Dennis List

I first visited Vietnam in early 1997, working for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation on an aid project to help modernize radio there. On my first morning in Hanoi, I was awoken in my hotel room on the dot of 5 a.m. by what sounded like a brass band in the street below. I went to the window. It was still dark, and not a soul was around. The music continued, and after a few minutes there was an announcement. Though I couldn’t understand Vietnamese, what I was hearing was unmistakable – a radio program. Did somebody out there have a radio turned up really loud?  > read more

Village in the hills, a few hours by rough road from Yenbai
© Dennis List

Long Lost Radio History Image

WASA McMurdo

On November 21 1971, aviator Elgin Long left Punta Arenas, Chile on a direct flight over the South Pole towards McMurdo.  > read more

Radio History: Nelson’s Radio Fifeshire

Back in 1982 two people by the names of Kevin Ihaia and Digby Lawley lodged an application with the Broadcasting Tribunal to operate a short term radio station for the four weeks of January 1983. For twenty-eight days Fifeshire broadcast from the upstairs studios above the now demolished second-hand [used goods store] shop at the traffic lights in Richmond. The frequency used was AM 855 Khz. > read more

January 1983 Radio Fifeshire’s first broadcasts.
© Pete Dawson

Summer in the South Pacific Big Digs Poster

Vision 100 FM in Palmerston North is one of a small group of independent local radio stations serving New Zealand communities. In the summer time, stations like Vision FM support fun events, in this case, the Big Digs.

We’ll be featuring more images, news and events from independent stations throughout New Zealand and Australia in the coming months.

Column: Wavescan

Singapore on Shortwave – BBC Far East Relay Station

Let’s go back to the year 1937, and that was the year in which the BBC began to give consideration to establishing a shortwave relay station in Asia. They began to make overtures to the commercially owned radio station, BMBC, the British Malaya Broadcasting Corporation, in Singapore.  > read more

Cover from Guide to Singapore, c1950
© Radio Heritage Foundation Collection

25th Anniversary – Historical Radio Society of Australia

Australasia’s biggest ever vintage radio event takes place in Melbourne in April 2007, when the Historical Radio Society of Australia celebrates 25 years of activity.

For more information, visit and enjoy a great weekend of radio heritage related events.

Radio Column: Incredible India Goes Radio Ga-Ga

by David Ricquish

Until about five years ago, 16 per cent of the world’s population had only one radio broadcaster to listen to, All India Radio. In 2007, things are improving. They now have half a dozen stations with a few more on the way. read more

Radio Mirchi logo
© Radio Mirchi FM

Summer in the South Pacific

Cool cats listen to cricket commentaries on the radio
© Jo Del Monaco, Radio Heritage Foundation.

Column: Wavescan

Radio Broadcasting in Malaysian Borneo – Sabah

Located at the northern tip on the island of Borneo is the territory known as Sabah. This geographic entity is a state of Malaysia and it occupies an area of 29,000 square miles with a population something over one million people. The capital city, known in earlier years as Jesselton, was renamed Kota Kinabalu in 1968.  > read more

Sgt. John Sorrell at the mike inside the studio of 9AF Labuan in August 1945.
© Australian War Memorial Collection.
Photo by: Sgt. FAC Burke

Summer in the South Pacific

Summer in the South Pacific. Waipu Radio 99.1 FM, Northland, NZ
© Radio Heritage Foundation.

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