From David’s Desk: Issue 23

23 April 2011

Radio Heritage Heaven

Keith’s Collection for Radio Heritage Foundation
Author: Paul Brooks

Keith Richardson [center] with a fraction of his historic audio collection. David Ricquish [left] of the Radio Heritage Foundation, says the Keith Richardson Collection will be digitized and made available online. Dr Jo Del Monaco, of the Radio Heritage Foundation, looks on.
© Paul Brooks

Keith Richardson did not spend his entire radio career collecting industry treasures to make his name made synonymous with radio heritage.

But that is what has happened.  > read more

Diamonds of the Dial, Australian Heritage AM Radio Celebrating 75 Years on the Air

“Diamonds of the Dial’, that’s what the Radio Heritage Foundation calls 40 Australian heritage AM radio stations that have broadcast continuously for over 75 years with their original station calls.

According to a new feature at their website, most of the stations are in country areas, but Sydney is outstanding with 2BL, 2UE, 2KY, 2GB, 2SM and 2CH all achieving ‘Diamonds of the Dial’ status.

Lots of things have clearly changed in Australia since 1935, but these 40 stations nationwide still serve their listeners with established call-signs that everyone across several generations from Grandma to school-kids can find familiar.  > read more

The modern 2GB Sydney in 1970
© David Ricquish Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation

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