From David’s Desk: Issue 29

6 May 2013

US$240 Donor Giveaway

US$240 in gifts available to donors
September 1 – January 31 2013
Read on to find out how to win!

Did you know that the Radio Heritage Foundation keeps radio memories safe for Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific and Asia! We also look after various radio guides you may have recently used. We’re a busy bunch of volunteers!

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Long Lost Radio History Images: Radio Station KIBS Canton Island Central Pacific 1952

Glenn Carpenter has shared this earlier photo of the station building…

© Glenn Carpenter Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation

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Long Lost Radio Image: KVZI Roi-Namur

KVZI-FM broadcast at 97.9 FM in the 1970’s on Roi-Namur island, near Kwajalein, in the Marshall Islands, then part of the US Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands…

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