From David’s Desk: Issue 31

9 March 2018

Each month we’re challenged to find $1,800

It’s been good to thank our financial supporters team recently for their hard work and generosity to keep funds flowing so we can continue keeping radio memories safe and share more ephemera from our growing collections.

NBC Gulf has this sign outside their studios in Papua New Guinea
© RHF Digital Collection

You can join the financial supporter team right now for as little as $5. You’ll see the options on the right hand side of every page, including gifting little and often.

You’ll also see the Roll of Honor where we publicly acknowledge the good people who gift to keep this crowd funded project on track. Many are now moving up higher the Roll of Honor, and every $1 gifted allows 2 people to access the features and services on this website completely free.

We’d love to welcome you today.

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