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Complete Station Listing as at May 1, 1946

Keeping track of AFRS and AAS stations during wartime operation is a challenging exercise, and here we have a snap-shot of the entire networks at a specific date. This list includes stations in China and Alaska, and gives a good overview of where stations were located immediately at the end of hostilities in late 1945.

The list is from Broadcast Stations of the World issued by the Foreign Broadcasting Intelligence Services, War Department, Washington, DC on May 1, 1946. This publication is included in the New Zealand Radio DX League Archives at the Hocken Library, Otago University, Dunedin, New Zealand.

Please remember this is an abbreviated listing of AFRS and AAS stations which broadcast in the Pacific area, there were others on air and gone by early 1946, and others still to come.

As well as occupied Japan, AFRS also broadcast from parts of India and what is now Burma, Pakistan and Bangladesh, as well China (including a station in Beijing) and Korea. Other stations were scattered across the islands of the Pacific in the wake of the invasion of Japan, and in Hawaii itself.

Both AFRS and AAS stations were in the Dutch East Indies, and AAS stations were also found in Malaya and North Borneo.

Freq CallLocationCountryWatts
550 WVTRTokyoJapan50,000
620 XNEWKunmingChina1,000
620 WVTX “Radio Iwo”Iwo JimaJapan50
660 WXLDSaipanMicronesia1,000
665 WVUTNadiFiji50
690 WVUQGuadalcanalSolomon Is1,000
720 WVTHHachinoheJapan250
750 xxxxMatsuyamaJapan50
800 WXLAUmnakAlaska50
800 KMTHMidwayHawaii5
900 WXLOShemyaAlaska20
900 WXLBAdakAlaska50
950 WXLFCanton IslandPhoenix Is5
960 9AFLabuanMalaya200
975 WVUSTontoutaNew Caledonia1,000
980 9AJWewakPapua New Guinea10
980 9AOJessletonNorth Borneo10
980 WXLCDutch HarborAlaska18
980 WXLKAmchitkaAlaska50
980 WXLLAttuAlaska50
1000 XWRAKwoiyangChina50
1010 KSAISaipanMicronesia50,000
1030 9ALFaro IslandSolomon Is10
1045 WVUREspiritu SantoNew Hebrides1,000
1060 WXLHOkinawaRyukyu Islands325
1070 9ABLaePapua New Guinea200
1160 WVTTMalaybalayPhilippines250
1180 9ADMorotaiDutch East Indies200
1180 xxxxTsurugaJapan x
1225 XEAWYumanyiChina200
1270 WVYWTutuilaAmerican Samoa100
1270 XJAXLuliangChina200
1280 9ACTorokinaPapua New Guinea200
1280 WVTBZamboangaPhilippines50
1300 WVTMManilaPhilippines1,000
1305 VU2ZYNew DelhiIndia50
1305 VU2ZWAgraIndia50
1305 VU2ZVChabuaIndia1,000
1310 WVTQOsakaJapan10,000
1320 WVTAFinschafenPapua New Guinea 50
1320 WXLEEniwetokMicronesia50
1330 VU2ZNLodoIndia50
1340 9AGBalikpapanDutch East Indies200
1340 WVTICebuPhilippines250
1340 WVTCNagoyaJapan10,000
1355 VU2ZXKarachiIndia50
1355 VU2ZUCalcuttaIndia1,000
1360 WLKIFukuokaJapan50
1360 WVTZOahuHawaii x
1365 XUSFChungkingChina100
1370 9AERabaulPapua New Guinea200
1370 WVTESan FernandoPhilippines250
1370 WLKESendaiJapan3,000
1380 WXLIGuamGuam50
1400 WVTWPeliliuMicronesia250
1400 WXLJCold BayAlaska25
1400 WVCQKodiakAlaska50
1400 WXLNNomeAlaska50
1400 WLKFKumamotoJapan3,000
1410 WVTVJohnston IslandJohnston Island1
1420 WLKDSapporoJapan3,000
1430 WLKBNiigataJapan400
1430 WLKJChoganKorea500
1435 WVTNIliiloPhilippines50
1440 WXLGKwajaleinMicronesia1,000
1440 WLKHKureJapan400
1440 xxxxHiroshimaJapan3,000
1440 xxxxAomuriJapan x
1450 WVTEBiakDutch East Indies200
1450 WVUGAnchorageAlaska50
1450 XJOYChengtuChina250
1450 WVTOOmuraJapan400
1480 WVUUChristmas IslandGilbert & Ellice Is75
1480 WVTDManusPapua New Guinea300
1480 xxxx OkayamaJapan500
1480 XONEPeipingChina x
1480 WVTFHollandiaDutch East Indies50
1480 WVTLMorotaiDutch East Indies400
1480 WVTPSeoulKorea500
1490 WXLWWhittierAlaska25
1490 WLKAKanoyaJapan50
1500 XBORTientsinChina50
1500 XJAMHsingkingChina50
1510 XNACChanyiChina15
1510 WVTKTolosaPhilippines400
1510 WLKCFusanKorea50
1520 WSIGOkinawaRyukyu Islandsx
1560 WVTSPuerto PrincessaPhilippines250
1580 XHANLiangshanChina300
1580 XABUTsingtsaoChina50
1600 XRECLuhsienChina50

As time and resources permit, each of these stations (and many others) will have their own entries in the Radio Heritage Collection © illustrated with stories, photos, other collectible information and, where possible, their sound.

Readers are invited to contribute any information or items about any of these stations. All items will be acknowledged and attributed to contributors.

David Ricquish
February 20 2002

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