Garry Raynes of 2KA/4IP?

Ian Anderson emailed us:

My name is Ian Anderson, my Mother was Maureen Raynes, her brother was Garry Raynes, I believe that he was a broadcaster on 4IP after moving to that station from 2KA in Katoomba. It is a very long story, but I am the only living blood relative from my mothers family and would like very much to talk to anyone who might have any information about my uncle. The last contact I had with him was when I traveled from Katoomba to Brisbane sometime around 1992 to attend a memorial service after his passing. As I said, I am the last family member and I am trying to put together the family story for my children and grandchildren. If anyone has any information about Garrys tim at the station that could be shared with me and my family, I would be very greatfull.

If you can help Ian you can email him, or write to him at Ian Anderson, 32 Canberra Street, Wentworth Falls, N.S.W. 2782, Australia.

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