Geographic Collection – Eastern Europe

Recent Radio Developments in Europe and Africa

Recent radio news in four different countries, two in Europe and two in Africa, indicate a positive direction for mediumwave and shortwave broadcasting, rather than a negative.

Empneusi FM, Syros

Syros – about four hours ferry ride from Athens – is a tranquil island known as the Cinderella of the Cyclades. Today, the island is home to Empneusi FM, a radio station dedicated to the broadcasting of traditional Greek music and the coverage of local events.

Radio Tirana’s Kiwi Connection

During 2022 several articles appeared in New Zealand media looking at a New Zealand woman who worked as an announcer for Albania’s Radio Tirana English service during the Communist era. We take a look at some of them here in this feature.

Return to the Radio Scene in Bulgaria

We present the story about the huge radio broadcasting station that was erected at Vakarel back in the era before the beginning of World War 2.  Vakarel is a small town some 25 miles south east of the national capital Sophia with a population of less than two thousand.

Radio in Bulgaria Celebrates 100 Years

It was on September 25, 1921, that the very first radio broadcasting event took place in Bulgaria, and they celebrated the 100th anniversary of this historic event on September 25, 2021, just three months back. Their very first radio broadcast was the live relay of a program from Germany via a Morse Code transmitter that was specially modified for the event.

Radio station elevates voices of Hungary’s Roma minority

ntellectuals, broadcasters and cultural figures from Hungary’s Roma community are using the airwaves to reframe narratives and elevate the voices of the country’s largest minority group.

Ukraine’s Radio Station of National Resistance

High up in the Carpathian Mountains, two Kyiv broadcasters keep the signal alive. Recently, at a closed ski resort in Ukraine’s Carpathian Mountains, Roman Davydov leaned into a microphone and announced the latest news from the war. Kryvyi Rih, in southern Ukraine, was being attacked; a U.S. journalist had been shot; and the British Foreign Secretary had announced new sanctions on Russian oligarchs in London.

Sifnos RadioActive 91.3, Greece

Riris Papatsarouchas originally set up radio station Sifnos Radioactive 91.3 in 1999 to provide some better driving music (writes Georgia Bisbas). As well as broadcasting to some 10,000 people on Sifnos and the nearby Cyclades, it has built a global fan base, with listeners in Brazil, Zimbabwe and Thailand.

New museum to recognize Warsaw radio station that was second biggest in the world

In memory of what was once the second tallest radio transmission station in the world, scientists are looking to set up a museum to commemorate its history.

Hungary Denies Independent Radio’s Frequency Bid Amid Media Freedom Concerns

Hungary’s media regulator on March 11 rejected an application from one of the country’s last independent news radio stations to regain its broadcasting frequency in what the International Press Institute (IPI) called “yet another afront” to press freedom in the Euro

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