Gippsland Radio Heritage

In 2002 radio station 3BBR-FM, West Gippsland Community Radio Inc, located in Drouin, Victoria, Australia, produced two radio programs on the radio history of the Gippsland region. These were part of a larger “Gippsland Heritage” series of documentaries.

A CD containing the two radio history episodes was donated to our archives and the audio is now available online. The programs were produced by Lynn Wells and Max Gibson.

“Gippsland Heritage”: Original air date 15 September 2002

Cue Sheet:
  • Alva “Mac” McLeannan: Starting off as a technician in radio in the 30’s.
  • Max Taylor: Starting as an announcer in radio.
  • Max Taylor: 3YB; development of 3UL; early history of 3UL; outside broadcasting; Vern Haycroft.
  • SONG: “They Don’t Make Them Like That Any More” – Troy Cassar Daley.
  • Max Taylor: Madeline Burke and Rob Bond; programs; sports; announcing in the early days.
  • SONG: “Get Out Those Old Records” – Mary Martin and Larry Hagman.
Gippsland Radio Heritage: 3YB 3UL
1951 QSL card from 3UL on 1200 kc/s sent to a listener in New Zealand.
© Radio Heritage Foundation, Laurie Boyer Collection

“Gippsland Heritage”: Original air date 22 September 2002

Cue Sheet:
  • MUSIC: “Blue Hills Rhapsody”.
  • Max Gibson: establishing radio in country Victoria – 3FB.
  • Jean Gooding: testing reception.
  • Max Gibson: 3TR.
  • Ron Schmidt: Technician at 3FB/3TR.
  • SfX Town Hall clock chimes.
  • Ron Schmidt: 3TR shifts to Sale – programs, services, records, equipment, transmission.
  • Max Gibson: Current provision of radio services in Gippsland.
  • Max Gibson: Early programming – serials, children’s shows.
  • Jean Gooding: 3TR children’s shows (Trafalgar).
  • Max Gibson: Programs – wrestling.
  • SONG: “Little Betty Bouncer” – Flotsam and Jetsam.
  • Max Taylor: Early history of 3BBR-FM.
  • Tom Straughair: Address on opening day of broadcasting of West Gippsland Community Radio 13th May 1995.
  • Commissioner Wayne Hardy: Official opening of 3BBR-FM.
Gippsland Radio Heritage: 3FB 3TR 3BBR-FM
1951 QSL card from 3TR on 1240 kc/s sent to a listener in New Zealand.
© Radio Heritage Foundation, Laurie Boyer Collection

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