Halo, halo, tu Polskie Radio…


Special website celebrates anniversary

As it celebrates its 95th year in existence, public broadcaster Polish Radio has launched a special website to highlight its role as an eloquent witness to the nation’s turbulent history.


The website offers a journey through a world of historical reminiscences, cultural icons and sports milestones illustrated with a wealth of archive material, executives have said. The Polish-language website traces the beginnings of Polish Radio and documents the broadcaster’s most important achievements over the decades, with recordings of the voices of some of its iconic announcers. There is also a selection of 36 ground-breaking events in the history of Poland and the world, each of them illustrated with audio material. Thursday, November 26, 2020, marks 95 years since Polish Radio began airing its programming on a regular basis after a series of test broadcasts. (source IAR via Glenn Hauser, WOR mailing list)

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