Hi there Heritage folk.

I was The Radio Hauraki Promotions Manager in 1970 when Hauraki began as a ‘legal’ entity.

We did some crazy things and produced some Great Radio – its ‘Legend’ and I consider myself privileged to be still here to celebrate The 40th Anniversary – Radio Hauraki’s 40th and my 70th birthday, my 50th in radio broadcasting in the same year. Hey that’s a bit scary.

While composing these words it would be remiss of me not to comment on your site which I consider very worthy of high praise.

My radio career began in Gisborne (NZ) with 2XG – 1XH in Hamilton. The 1960’s were spent at 4BC in Brisbane – “You’ll Like Mike” & ‘King Of The Morning’ posters decorated the Trams.

Back in NZ for the start of ‘Private Radio’ – before Radio Hauraki the NZ population were fed a diet of ‘State Radio’, constructed by ‘Public Servants’. I was one of the early ones to ‘break out of the NZBS mould’ and take the lessons learned to explore the new found dimension in Australia where radio had always been ‘Private’ rather than ‘Public’. It could have been worse – the esteemed and, revered, BBC didn’t loose its grip in Britain till 1972 with the opening of ‘Capitol’ in London.

It’s been an interesting and constructive career and the Public Service roots are once again to the fore.

Today I’m the creator and operator of the ‘Devonport flea’ the LPFM Community Radio service for Auckland’s North Shore.

Congratulations again on your Radio Heritage site – and knowing that I’ve been a part of the heritage you write and report about, is very humbling.

As I write these words THE flea in my ear is playing…”Where Is The Love” by the Black Eyed Peas – It’s the anthem of my Philosophy. Mike Baker

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