Supporter Categories

The content of the website and our volunteer based operations are only made possible thanks to donors and supporters like you. You make it possible to keep access to this website free. We’re proud to recognize you on the Roll of Honor. Effective April 1 2013, donor categories are as follows. Currency: $ Australian.

Pay it Forward5
Pay it Forward Bronze10
Pay it Forward Silver15
Pay it Forward Gold20
Regular Gold35
Contributing Gold75
Sponsor Gold150
Sponsor Platinum200
Associate Silver300
Associate Gold350
Associate Platinum400
Friend Silver600
Friend Gold700
Friend Platinum850
Partner Gold1500
Partner Platinum2000
Benefactor Silver3000
Benefactor Gold3500
Benefactor Platinum4000
Patron Bronze6000
Patron Silver7000
Patron Gold8000
Patron Platinum9000
Fellow Bronze12000
Fellow Silver14000
Fellow Gold16000
Fellow Platinum18000
Founder Bronze25000
Founder Silver30000
Founder Gold35000
Founder Platinum40000

Payment Options

  1. PayPal
  2. Direct Credit. If you wish to pay via direct credit or Swift transfer please email us for our account details.

Use of Donations

Donations are allocated to projects and activities at the discretion of the Radio Heritage Foundation.

Financial Transparency

The Radio Heritage Foundation is registered as a charitable entity with the Charities Commission in New Zealand. We file an annual report and an annual financial report with the Commission and information can be accessed freely on-line through their website. Full details are at the bottom of every page of our website.


The Radio Heritage Foundation reserves the right to accept, decline or revoke any supporter status at its sole discretion at any time and/or reserves the right to remove any links to websites and/or content that it considers inappropriate for any reason at its sole discretion. In such circumstances, any refund or partial refund of donations will be solely at the discretion of the Radio Heritage Foundation.

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