I grew up on you guys!

1966 I was a rATHER PRECOCIOUS 11 Y.O. AND I SNEAKIly LOOKED AT MUM AND DAD’S “TRUTH” newspaper racy stuff back then and definitely something you would hide away from your family. It suported you renegades and I guess as that curious 11 y.o. you were the men.

Then my best girlfriend’s older brother had discovered Eric Clapton, Cream, Jimi Hendrix,Led Zep and we used to go home at lunch time and raid his records. Never heard anything like it. Man,what a buzz!!! I just knew even then that it was magic!!! /and you come along! Today as a 51 yo groover, I say thanks guys nfor keeping my heroes alive. I know most of your listeners are male and younger than me but this ole rock chick says thanks. Keep it coming! Helenwork guys, Great

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