I remember setting up a radio at Hygrade factory Hornby Christchurch for my work mates to listen to Hauraki in early evening using a piece of wire contacted to roof of building.
At my home in Hoon Hay CHCH found best reception on old wooden battery boxed radio by taps in family bathroom.
I called into Hauraki towards the end of 1969 when visiting my parents in Hamilton & had just missed a trip out to the Tiri by 30 minutes. Anyway was still interesting visiting the Auckland studio.
While living in Hamilton went up to Auckland Easter Show to get a good recording of Hauraki short term FM broadcast, which I still have a
cassette recording of it today.
Was great to get to Auckland & see the photo’s etc at the 40th display. Also was great to listen to broadcast on 10/11/06 from 8am to 6pm.
Brian Withers.
1480 club number 3079.
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