Keith Richardson Studio Carts

In the days before computers, radio DJs made extensive use of studio cart tapes when presenting their shows. These tape carts contained a continous loop of magnetic tape and could automatically cue at the start location. Stations often used banks of such machines, linked together. These were typically used to play sweepers, stingers and other short sound effects or pieces of audio.

New Zealand radio DJ Keith Richardson donated a large collection of radio memorabilia to us in 2010, including a number of these cart tapes from his personal collection.

Keith is known to Kiwi babyboomers for his top rating radio shows on 1XN Whangarei, 2ZC Napier, 2ZB Wellington and to even more recent listeners on Radio Pacific, Greater Wellington FM, Radio Fifeshire and others.

‘Top 40’ at 2ZC, ‘NZ Hit Parade’ and ‘NZ Top 20’ are the record spinning shows for which Keith is often best remembered, and these programs with their crazy sound effects, double entendres and more pushed the limit of acceptability on notoriously fuddy duddy state radio in the 1950’s and 60’s.

Keith Richardson (right) with Radio Heritage Foundation Chairman David Ricquish in Whanganui, September 2010
Keith Richardson (centre) donating radio memorabilia to the Radio Heritage Foundation’s David Ricquish (left) & Jo Del Monano (right)
A young Keith Richardson at 2ZB, Wellington
One of Keith’s studios. Photo: Keith Richardson.
© Keith Richardson Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation

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