KMTH Midway – Photos from 1968

Charles E. Kinzer (Navy ETN2 on Midway 1966-1968) sent us these photos he took on Midway c1968.

  • A photo showing just some of the transmitters in the huge transmitter bay (AN/FRT-39’s in this case, but there were also AN/FRT-24’s and AN/FRT-15’s and some others).
  • A photo of the Gates 250 watt transmitter which was in one corner of the huge transmitter bay next to a workbench.
  • A photo showing part of the “nerve center” at the center of the transmitter bay room with the patch panel that had the KMTH audio feed from the studio.
  • A photo of the exterior of the transmitter site building.

Charles took these slides c1968 during his time working at the transmitter site 1966-1968.

FRT-39 Transmitters. Photo: Charles E. Kinzer
Gates 250W KMTH AM Radio Transmitter. Photo: Charles E. Kinzer
Transmitter Site “Nerve Center” TTY & Patch Panel. Photo: Charles E. Kinzer
Transmitter Site Building. Photo: Charles E. Kinzer

Read more about KMTH Midway:

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