KTRK / K-Truck 1670 kHz

US Army Broadcasting Service
“Tactical AM Broadcast Service (ABS)”
Transportable Radio Station

For a few days in February 1996 the United States Army Broadcasting Service carried out test transmissions of a transportable AM-band radio station, housed in a truck, prior to deployment to Europe.

The broadcasts were from Fort Meade, Maryland, with a power of 5kW on 1670 kHz in the US AM “expanded band”.

The official callsign was AABS, but on-air the unofficial name of KTRK, “K-Truck”, was used.

According to reports the tests were heard widely, including by New Zealand DXer Chris Mackerell. Listening from Marahau, New Zealand, he used a Drake SPR-4 communications receiver, together with a home-brew mediumwave loop antenna, to receive the broadcasts. Some of the station ids heard are included in this feature.

Chris received this Verification Certificate from the US Army Broadcasting Service, along with photocopies of press articles, published in RadioWorld magazine, about the tests.

KTRK Verification Certificate. © Radio Heritage Foundation, Chris Mackerell Collection

KTRK / K-Truck Idents

Photocopies of articles from RadioWorld supplied courtesy of the United States Army Broadcasting Service.

The Drake SPR-4 Communications Receiver and home-brew mediumwave Loop Antenna used to receive these test broadcasts at Marahau, New Zealand. Photos: Chris Mackerell

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