Living Traditions: KKCR Kauai

Kauai, Hawaii’s fourth-largest island, is known for its exceptional natural beauty, even by local standards. Home to about 70,000 people, it is the oldest of the main Hawaiian Islands. Kauai’s community radio station, KKCR, is a non-profit that aims to “preserve, perpetuate and celebrate Hawaiian culture”. General manager Laura Christine tells us more.

KKCR logo. Image: KKCR Facebook page

How did the station begin?

KKCR started broadcasting on 4 July 1997. All of our programmers and DJs are volunteers and our funding comes from listener and business donations and grants.

How did you become involved with the station?

I started as a volunteer in 2004, hosting a music programme, and began working full-time in 2013.

KKCR logo from 2013. Image: KKCR Facebook page

Who’s your most popular DJ and why?

Our Hawaiian-music programmers Sandy “Tita” Swift, Brada Lou, Linda Lester Keale and Leilani Kaleiohi. Their love of Hawaiian music and culture inspires new and old listeners.

What song is played most on the station?

“Auau Pū” by Cindy Combs from her Land of the Endless Summer album.

What events will you be covering in the near future?

In partnership with Friends of Kauai Wildlife Refuges, we are producing a series of radio spots played every day to educate members of our community about the many species it helps to protect.

What’s the big story on the waves this week?

The affordable housing crisis on the island.

What local spots do you and your colleagues enjoy hanging out at?

Fish Bar Deli, The Hanalei Gourmet and Tiki Iniki.

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