KVZI Roi-Namur

KVZI Roi Namur
© Kwaj Hourglass December 16, 1975

KVZI-FM broadcast at 97.9 FM in the 1970’s on Roi-Namur island, near Kwajalein, in the Marshall Islands, then part of the US Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands.

Late in 1975, Shermie & Friends Band were hosted on the island by KVZI-FM and this image shows the group arriving at Roi-Namur and holding KVZI-FM welcoming signs.

From top to bottom, Lijon MacDonald, Shermie Wiehe, Brian Buckley, Mary Couture, Harold Lakabun, Keju Balos, Milung [Terry] Anitak, Maria Laina, Alwin Poun.

KVZI-FM was still broadcasting some 30 years later.

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