New Zealand Broadcasting Press Clippings Scrapbook 1988 – 1990

The late Mark Nicholls kept a series of scrapbooks containing newspaper and magazine clippings relating to the broadcasting scene in New Zealand. These books provide an interesting look back at NZ broadcasting at the time.

You can browse the interactive PDF-based book below (you can click on the articles to view in more detail), or use the direct links to the articles listed below

Clippings included:

  1. NZRDXL 40th
  2. Arne Skoog of Radio Sweden visits Invercargill
  3. Mayanne Patterson on Radio Ngati Porou
  4. Two applicants seeking FM warrants for Queenstown
  5. Radio deregulation sparks rumours, rivalry
  6. Decision on Queenstown FM month off
  7. Queenstown FM warrant won by Radio Otago
  8. Announcer on exchange trip to Nevada
  9. John OConnor ends 34-year radio career
  10. Queenstown radio announcer big hit in US
  11. Southlands 4ZA
  12. Southlands 4ZA
  13. Community emphasis pays off for Foveaux Radio
  14. A No 1 Southland team
  15. FM advice
  16. FM advice
  17. FM advice
  18. Concert FM
  19. Aotearoa Radio
  20. High-flying radio
  21. Ski radio tunes up
  22. Radio station may sue breakfast host
  23. Announcers suspended for drinking on air
  24. Eccles of 4ZA post
  25. Radio denies suspensions a stunt
  26. Radio Centrals management playing musical chairs
  27. Tom Parker on Resort Radio
  28. Pirate radio book update
  29. A History of Broadcasting
  30. Sir James Shelley
  31. 2nd Car 1224 Foveaux Radio
  32. Listening Award
  33. Radio Rhema news
  34. PM making DJ debut
  35. Pure Gold 93FM
  36. Murray Whittle
  37. Ski Radio
  38. FM forever
  39. Graeme Todd 92 FM
  40. Talkback host suspended
  41. Frequency allocated to Radio Rhema
  42. Radio tendering doubts raised
  43. Radio Rhema may be forced off air
  44. Non-commercial status for Radio Rhema
  45. TV3 reception may cost viewers $200
  46. A chronicle of events
  47. Concert programme service reviwed
  48. Raw deal for 4ZB listeners
  49. 4ZB listeners upset
  50. Radio Australia 50th stamps
  51. Broadcasters threaten stiffer anti-tendering campaign
  52. 35-1 Not Julie Andrews
  53. Rhema map
  54. INL sells radio
  55. Radio plans drug-line
  56. Soviet jet brings TV3 van
  57. TV3 issue seeks to raise $13m
  58. Radio NZ investment unattractive
  59. TVNZ cancels planned public service programmes
  60. MP calls for radio quota
  61. Riding the waves
  62. TVs breakfast news upsets Radio NZ
  63. Queenstown-Cairns connection
  64. Radio service extended
  65. New job for radio boss
  66. TVNZ plan angers deaf
  67. Foveux Radio lifts half-year profit
  68. 2XS sales manager
  69. Stephen King
  70. Christian radio reaches Southland
  71. 92 FM win
  72. Radio Otago static
  73. Community-care radio
  74. 45-1 Voice of NZ comes back
  75. International broadasting register
  76. Independent Maori radio news service
  77. TV3 remaing low in ratings
  78. FM radio for Queenstown
  79. Kiwi music quote set
  80. Govt to provide Maori access
  81. New Foveaux Radio manager
  82. Top 100 singles 1989
  83. Greater Wellington 94.1 FM
  84. Move up to 92 FM
  85. C93FM announcers
  86. Student radio to return
  87. Radio rivalry
  88. Aucklands battle of the airwaves
  89. Business cards
  90. Marconi marine receiver
  91. Midnight Caller
  92. Sky TV ready to bat
  93. Ever wondered
  94. ITV promoters not worried
  95. Frustration led to community television idea
  96. Crosbie returns
  97. Shortwave radio to Pacific
  98. No mike for talkback star
  99. 1ZB
  100. 1ZB
  101. Listeners still upset
  102. Broadcasting fee
  103. Record
  104. New station
  105. TV3 pullout by NBC denied
  106. Stationary cars anger MOT
  107. Home-grown TV drama
  108. Avon goes FM
  109. RNZ positions vacant
  110. FM stereo 3ZB

Scanned clippings © Radio Heritage Foundation
Mark Nicholls Collection

Mark Nicholls was a keen DXer, Life Member of the New Zealand Radio DX League, and Editor of their magazine, the DX Times, for many years. He sadly passed away in 2014.

You can read a tribute to Mark on the NZRDXL’s website:

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