New Zealand Broadcasting Press Clippings Scrapbook 1991-1992

The late Mark Nicholls kept a series of scrapbooks containing newspaper and magazine clippings relating to the broadcasting scene in New Zealand. These books provide an interesting look back at NZ broadcasting at the time.

You can browse the interactive PDF-based book below (you can click on the articles to view in more detail), or use the direct links to the articles listed below

Clippings included:

  1. 3ZB Christchurch
  2. Reward for catching Dire Straits
  3. Selwyn Toogood back on radio
  4. Lithgow FM hitting the airwaves
  5. Concert FM
  6. Look whos talking
  7. Jonesy for President
  8. Cable radio offers Elvis, birds
  9. Minister wants control removed from RNZ
  10. Pirate station slammed for final broadcast
  11. Minister favours broadcasting becoming self-regulating
  12. Murray Forgie among RNZ 40 redundancies
  13. Radio stations claim top spot
  14. BBC to broadcast on Russian radio
  15. 4XO Giving away more cash
  16. Classic Hits ZBFM Giving away the most cash in Dunedin
  17. Aerial delays possible
  18. Community radio to hit airwaves in Lawrence
  19. Ranfurly radio upgrade
  20. City school hits airwaves on FM
  21. Interim licence
  22. Radio NZ reports 13m loss
  23. Announcer to work full-time towards radio launch
  24. Transmission plan warning
  25. Shares to salvage axed radio shows
  26. Queenstown pirate
  27. Michele ACourt getting the message through to teenagers
  28. All ears
  29. Radio Otago lifts profit
  30. NZ on Air allocations
  31. Arrival of Radio Pacific threatens Gore station
  32. Cash crisis rocks Rhema
  33. Plug pulled on radio novice
  34. Neil Collins – Steve Davie – Radio Dunedin
  35. Maggie Barry for TV
  36. New plans for Nelson TV
  37. Classic Hits
  38. Race calls Queenstown
  39. Race calls Central
  40. Attacked by radio boss says DJ
  41. Talking Home
  42. Sky TV not in south for some time
  43. Cartoon – Broadcasting Commission
  44. 4ZG to up sports cover
  45. Updates
  46. City radio station star performer
  47. QSL cards
  48. Amateur radio expo
  49. Com-Centre
  50. Radio balloon to be launched
  51. Satellite TV
  52. The little boy who cried Elle
  53. Pinetree Meads returns to Southland
  54. Ryel Electronics Lowe HF225
  55. The good old Dunedin sound 1
  56. The good old Dunedin sound 2
  57. The good old Dunedin sound 3
  58. Radio Rhema may close in face of line costs
  59. Ranfurly radio studio to be upgraded
  60. Amateur Radio Expo
  61. Pull the TV plug for good says Ian Cross
  62. Boost for NZ music
  63. Radio enthusiasts solve crime, help save lives
  64. A star of Olds back from fray
  65. Watch on spending at RNZ
  66. And now, folks, auto radio
  67. Radio Otago lifts profit 34pc
  68. Station missed – Lite 96 FM
  69. Residents win
  70. Broadcaster dies – John Pike
  71. New structures 1
  72. New structures 2
  73. Our award winning team 91ZM
  74. Station is on track for a record – Radio Ferrymead
  75. RNZ pledges profitability
  76. Newsreader out of job
  77. Storm on the air waves
  78. MoreFM free fax feast
  79. More power – more listeners
  80. BBC has plans for service
  81. Aucklands Pacific tops radio awards
  82. Award recognises career in radio
  83. Mobile communications hub
  84. Contact with space station quite simple for ham radio
  85. We are breaking records
  86. We rocked they rolled
  87. Students take to the air
  88. Radio station job on the cards
  89. Takitimu school pupils take to the airwaves
  90. Southland Access Radio
  91. Takitimu School – Richard Greer
  92. Vote for your favourite radio personality
  93. John Husband
  94. Now whos listening to who
  95. MoreFM balloon
  96. Robin Harrison 3ZB
  97. 3XP Radio Ferrymead
  98. The uncertain future of non-commercial radio
  99. Radio NZ seeks MPs aid of debts
  100. Radio success
  101. Wars secret listeners meet again
  102. Bail-out of RNZ sets up sell-off
  103. Win classic collectors edition radios
  104. Butch Bradley
  105. Radio directors named
  106. Southlands 98FM
  107. Gardenways Gardening Show 3ZB
  108. Gore radio service cut
  109. Future uncertain for Gore radio station
  110. Concert FM
  111. Southlands 4ZA
  112. BBC World Service
  113. Sports Roundup
  114. Broadcasts end for Bavarian station
  115. Networks future insecure
  116. Cabinet looks at RNZ

Scanned clippings © Radio Heritage Foundation
Mark Nicholls Collection

Mark Nicholls was a keen DXer, Life Member of the New Zealand Radio DX League, and Editor of their magazine, the DX Times, for many years. He sadly passed away in 2014.

You can read a tribute to Mark on the NZRDXL’s website:

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