New Zealand Broadcasting Press Clippings Scrapbook 1991

The late Mark Nicholls kept a series of scrapbooks containing newspaper and magazine clippings relating to the broadcasting scene in New Zealand. These books provide an interesting look back at NZ broadcasting at the time.

You can browse the interactive PDF-based book below (you can click on the articles to view in more detail), or use the direct links to the articles listed below

Clippings included:

  1. Raw Radio
  2. Broadcasting Standards Authority
  3. Station says to expect radio piracy
  4. Southlanders to wait for FM radio
  5. Jews upset by radio joke
  6. Advertising hopse high for BBC World Service
  7. Increasing interest in Middle East radio broadcasts
  8. GE Old Fashioned Radio advert
  9. US cable network praised for coverage
  10. Publisher buys control of Radio Otago
  11. Ranfurly short term broadcaster
  12. Ranfurly radio a big success
  13. ZBFM lays off two more staff
  14. Announcer moves on
  15. Maori radio aid limited
  16. Radio neutral on war of words
  17. Radio listings 3 Feb 1991
  18. IBC warns of coming heat
  19. Broadcast marks Waitangi Day
  20. Reaching across the airwaves
  21. Five Taupo area frequencies sold
  22. Radio concerns aired at hui
  23. Liberal radio station muzzled
  24. TV3 decision next month
  25. The information station ITV
  26. Man charged after bogus radio terrorist threats
  27. London Calling
  28. Franchise plans scrapped by RNZ
  29. Ranfurly radio set to return to air waves
  30. Mobil Radio Awards competition
  31. Minister clears frequency tender
  32. Magazine to close
  33. 4ZA radio awards finalist
  34. Date set for radio upgrading
  35. Oliver Lee Ireland Calling
  36. BBC talking tapes advert
  37. Rubbish
  38. One News advert
  39. TV3 decision an aberration
  40. NZ On Air steps up collection Campaign
  41. Regional TV for Nelson possible by years end
  42. The Black Crash
  43. Pirated sign returns
  44. Muzzas to go country
  45. New Radio Otago Central manager named
  46. Radio Rhema advert
  47. VOA targets Tibet
  48. On the air again
  49. Radio NZ warns of closures
  50. Opposition questions broadcasting U turn
  51. CTV aims to broadcast in Southland
  52. Rise unlikely
  53. Wakem resigns as Radio NZ chief
  54. Talks standoff threatens National Radio and Concert Programme
  55. Public groups urged to save qualiity radio
  56. National and Concert Progammes could go to private companies
  57. Welcome Back Steve Davie
  58. Quality radio
  59. Call for scrapping of National Programme
  60. Latimer offers radio TV deal
  61. Neil Collins Radio Dunedin
  62. 12 TVNZ staff to join production company
  63. Radio by Prospero
  64. Govt responds to Maori offer on frequencies
  65. Transfer inconsistent with treaty court told
  66. Music quota bill blocked by Govt
  67. Week in Review
  68. Wins for three in radio vote
  69. More Dunedin television staff to lose their jobs
  70. 1991 Mobil Radio Awards
  71. Radio NZ executive resigns
  72. TV3 sale hopes recede
  73. Radio listeners have their say
  74. Geyhound commentators win victory for the underdog
  75. The AM Network
  76. Minister changes mind on radio tender idea
  77. Everyone wanted to go to Nashville
  78. Classical
  79. Appeal last hope for doomed AM station
  80. Tuning in
  81. TVNZ profit tumbles
  82. Radio NZ profit drive threatens rural network
  83. Cartoon
  84. RNZ management salaries may be cut by 10pc
  85. Radio NZ managers accept pay reduction
  86. Radio axing upsets NZ Cricket
  87. Mock attack draws fine
  88. AM Network fills need
  89. Student radio back
  90. 91ZM advert
  91. Radio NZ to announce pay cuts today
  92. Push Push proves popular
  93. MORE FM or less
  94. Campaign on to save AM network
  95. Pair hope to make mark again
  96. Shares case adjourned
  97. TV3 for liquidation
  98. AM network the latest victim of a run out
  99. New broadcast owner debate
  100. Region soon to have its own television
  101. Networks revival hopes dashed
  102. AM lobby group sets target of 2m to retain network
  103. Riders of the lost airwaves
  104. Expectations too high
  105. RNZ union delegates to discuss planned staff pay cuts
  106. Cartoon
  107. RNZ out of tune with PSA
  108. Regional TV goes to air
  109. Cartoon
  110. RNZ pay cuts put on ice
  111. 38-1 Fine Tuning
  112. Local TV user friendly
  113. Bid to solve TV issue
  114. RNZ budget slashed
  115. Vintage radios sold
  116. 4XO listen in and win
  117. NZ On Air
  118. Breakfast show debut for Corkery
  119. NZ On Air advert
  120. 4XD new mast
  121. RNZ targets management jobs for cuts
  122. Student radio returns to air
  123. NZ On Air advert
  124. Radios bring back memories
  125. 42-1 3ZB advert
  126. 3ZB advert
  127. Newsreader takes job loss in stride
  128. Cartoon
  129. Row over RNZ funding cuts
  130. Ad for RNZ CEO
  131. RNZ closes Q90FM
  132. Stamps Golden days of radio
  133. Canterbury TV on air tomorrow
  134. 4XO help the Regent
  135. CTV on air from Monday
  136. Tune into CTV advert
  137. Radio Lollipop moves to shares
  138. Radio NZ being audited
  139. Radio Pacific map
  140. National Radio supporters form lobby group
  141. Independent broadcasters dispute lobbying claim
  142. Radio NZ studios to be closed down
  143. Radio hosts turn down contract
  144. Radio One record names announced
  145. Southland wakes up to FM radio
  146. National Radio supporters fear private takeover
  147. 50-1 Listen with Papa
  148. Radio NZ staff risked sack
  149. RNZ news presenters win international award
  150. New head for BBC
  151. Radio NZ readied for sale
  152. Temuera gets buzz from pork bones and culture
  153. TV3 receiver okays move into Nelson
  154. Nelson TV plans on hold
  155. Native tongue gets radio mouth
  156. Punters nobbled
  157. 4ZA advert
  158. Radio show on TV
  159. CTV consolidating at home meantime
  160. Kiwi music boosted
  161. Plugs pulled
  162. Balani off air
  163. Radio chief denies station sell-off plan
  164. New radio host
  165. 56-1 FM Country advert
  166. Radio Pacific Waikato advert
  167. Radio tendering process slated
  168. Rugby League coverage
  169. New home for amateiur radio buffs
  170. 3ZB advert
  171. Awarua Radio to be swtched to Wellington
  172. Queenstown snowfall
  173. TV talks break down
  174. Troops seize Estonia tower
  175. Local push for Access radio
  176. Radio Otago
  177. Sky TV Christchurch advert
  178. The choice is yours
  179. 1224 Foveaux Radio
  180. Southlands 4ZA
  181. Changes in the air for radio listeners
  182. Mounter quits as TVNZ chief executive
  183. Repo agents van damaged
  184. CTV to carry race meetings
  185. 1224 Foveaux Radio
  186. Radio Otago chariman slates bank overdraft rates
  187. Fine Music aims for the greatest
  188. Auckland FM93
  189. Advertising threat behind dismissal says Balani
  190. Announcer leaves Radio Waitaki
  191. Radio NZ tensions rise
  192. BBC-TV news expands
  193. Queenstown Sam Morrision
  194. Show us your C93
  195. Polish radio tower collapses
  196. CTV schedule
  197. Agents have homes wired for sound
  198. TV3 founders allege fraud
  199. TV3 Sales Consultant advert
  200. New More FM broadcast
  201. End of an era
  202. Salary a factor at RNZ
  203. Awarua Radio loses human face
  204. RNZ still seeks chief
  205. VSA on Access
  206. 72-1 Foveaux FM Put a Smile on Your Dial
  207. Foveaux
  208. Cartoon
  209. TV station claims damages after transmitter repossession
  210. More FM Chch street carnival advert
  211. 99 More FM Good More-ning advert
  212. Dear friend is this farewell
  213. New company for radio
  214. Foveaux FM
  215. Foveaux FM
  216. Foveaux FM
  217. New Radio NZ boss tops
  218. Radio transmitter being replaced
  219. Handouts
  220. Debts dog station
  221. Glasnost from the heavens
  222. Trees plan radio for South Otago
  223. Baby race begins
  224. Bonnie breaks out the bubbly
  225. Free radio remains as an example
  226. Classic Hits ZBFM Birthday Wheel advert
  227. Sport Roundup advert

Scanned clippings © Radio Heritage Foundation
Mark Nicholls Collection

Mark Nicholls was a keen DXer, Life Member of the New Zealand Radio DX League, and Editor of their magazine, the DX Times, for many years. He sadly passed away in 2014.

You can read a tribute to Mark on the NZRDXL’s website:

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