New Zealand Broadcasting Press Clippings Scrapbook 1992-1993

The late Mark Nicholls kept a series of scrapbooks containing newspaper and magazine clippings relating to the broadcasting scene in New Zealand. These books provide an interesting look back at NZ broadcasting at the time.

You can browse the interactive PDF-based book below (you can click on the articles to view in more detail), or use the direct links to the articles listed below

Clippings included:

  1. Unity Radio
  2. Radio station sold
  3. Southgate leaves airwaves
  4. NZ Listener 50 years ago
  5. Arthur Poll ZL3JQ collector
  6. 91ZM our award winning team
  7. Radio Pac wants letter campaign
  8. Scrapping talkback show shocks host
  9. MoreFM Fergi and Andrew topless
  10. From the Air Force to the air waves
  11. Chinese to have city radio show
  12. In a world full of prejudice
  13. Concerned
  14. 5.67m for radio
  15. RNZ lockout threat alleged
  16. TAB picks winner in Radio Pacific
  17. See what youve been missing – SkyWatch
  18. Quick thinking DJ saves womans life
  19. Angela DAudney off the air
  20. Country radio has the cows mooing for more
  21. Cellphone eavesdropping
  22. When your mind stops working – BBC World Service
  23. 3ZB talkback host goes nationwide
  24. Rob Muldoon on Radio Pacific
  25. Ian Smith
  26. Radio split may block local content
  27. Radio talkback hosts swap jobs
  28. 92 More FM
  29. Tuning In
  30. Cost-sharing option for radio broadcasts
  31. Frontman Hosking fronts up to home-town radio
  32. King cuts track in recording vision
  33. The US PGA is coming your way – Sky Sport
  34. Toogood show axed
  35. Banks talkback
  36. Radio Stations
  37. C93FM Classic Rock
  38. 91ZM Sales
  39. TAB counting on TV racing
  40. Broadcasting protest unfair
  41. Sky Sport channel
  42. 92 More FM
  43. 92 More FM
  44. 92 More FM
  45. Racing telly starts in Nov
  46. More FM Reviews its First Year
  47. 3ZB News Director vacany
  48. C93FM Classic Rock
  49. The Big Snow
  50. Chch faces further TV and FM radio cuts
  51. Ski Radio – QFM
  52. Radio rescue
  53. Jam sessions and havoc on stolen radios
  54. The Prodigal Son returns to 3ZB
  55. Harrisons back on 3ZB
  56. Mainland Comms – scanners
  57. Shake 96FM Spring Getaway
  58. ZBFM World Travel Pass
  59. Rusting fuel tank disables transmitter
  60. Broadcasting fee rise unfair
  61. Signatures pour in for radio host
  62. NZ on Air supports stand-alone control
  63. C93FM Winfield Cup sweepstake
  64. Robin Harrison on 3ZB
  65. More FM at Home Show
  66. Mr Cushen honoured by toastmasters
  67. Radio talkback lines tied up
  68. Radio stars join in appeal
  69. BBC figures well out
  70. War of the airwaves
  71. TV3 recovery very much ahead of target
  72. Top and Win with your milkie
  73. The Music Leader 98 Port FM
  74. A shock in the waves
  75. A smooth operator
  76. Govt fear of radio criticism
  77. BBCs World Service for NZ
  78. Radio founder dies – Noel Wesney
  79. Good Morning Christchurch 91ZM
  80. Listening to the listeners
  81. Radio link cemented
  82. Brian Strong – Radio Hauraki Nov 1966
  83. Optimism over broadcasts
  84. Radio frequencies
  85. Radio journalist laid off
  86. Gulf radio to air
  87. City tunes in to Auckland
  88. Radio Dunedin 1305AM
  89. Listeners increase
  90. Mark my words its National Radio
  91. Resort Radio, Radio Central to split
  92. Space murmurs bring audio hunt for aliens
  93. TAB collects
  94. Hotline – Birthday bash
  95. Good Morning Christchurch 91ZM
  96. 92 FM 100pc Queenstown
  97. 92FM sales manager Peter Wright
  98. Turn on
  99. An ear for eavesdropping
  100. Ethnic TV plan
  101. Govt drops commercial radio plans
  102. Police confiscate caroling reindeer
  103. Reluctant listeners
  104. Radio staff laid off
  105. Stations to form group
  106. Quality in broadcasting emphasised in contract
  107. Maori radio funding
  108. Eclipse closing means end of 50 year service
  109. Advertisements ban a ratings winner
  110. Radio sale

Scanned clippings © Radio Heritage Foundation
Mark Nicholls Collection

Mark Nicholls was a keen DXer, Life Member of the New Zealand Radio DX League, and Editor of their magazine, the DX Times, for many years. He sadly passed away in 2014.

You can read a tribute to Mark on the NZRDXL’s website:

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