New Zealand Broadcasting Press Clippings Scrapbook 1992-1994

The late Mark Nicholls kept a series of scrapbooks containing newspaper and magazine clippings relating to the broadcasting scene in New Zealand. These books provide an interesting look back at NZ broadcasting at the time.

You can browse the interactive PDF-based book below (you can click on the articles to view in more detail), or use the direct links to the articles listed below

Clippings included:

  1. C93FM t-shirt
  2. 3ZB Cash Call.kpg
  3. We listen to Christchurch
  4. 91ZM
  5. Number One 92 MoreFM
  6. 92 MoreFM Emergi-find
  7. Two stations for the price of one
  8. Greatest Hits Gold Weekend
  9. QFM coming soon
  10. Let battle begin
  11. 92FM coming soon
  12. Order now
  13. Make the switch QFM
  14. Switched-on sound
  15. The Great Escape
  16. MoreFM Best of 92
  17. Winning the Ratings Game
  18. Win a balloon ride
  19. Welcome to our year
  20. Eavesdropping made easy
  21. Shock waves
  22. Birthday broadcast
  23. Life FM for Chch
  24. Dont bug us
  25. Radio gear seized
  26. Talk radio cuts honeymoon short
  27. mai oh mai
  28. mai oh mai
  29. Howdy folks
  30. Tenders
  31. Christchurch womans birthdate wins
  32. Northern Exposure
  33. FM station up for sale
  34. B98FM switch
  35. Maoris to get broadcasting agency
  36. RNZ situations vacant
  37. Transmitter decision praised
  38. Cromwell on air
  39. Station to air positive message
  40. 92 Days of 92 FM
  41. Talk about a radio station that listens
  42. Station expands in SI
  43. Kids FM
  44. Fullers van
  45. The Radio School
  46. Who is the famous Sue Campbell
  47. Fortnight of fame
  48. Radio friends call for charter
  49. Music TV station gathers viewers
  50. Brainwave jammed
  51. Naeby publican turns his hand to radio
  52. Kids FM
  53. Small Talk
  54. Battle of the airwaves
  55. Rhema goes local
  56. R Pacific lifts profit
  57. TV channel bid fails
  58. 89 XED,jpg
  59. B98FM 3ZB
  60. 91ZM MoreFM
  61. C93FM
  62. Snow show April fool
  63. Toned-down Adair back on air
  64. Boradcasting courses
  65. Tributes
  66. Somalis tune in to Pavarotti
  67. Music TV tunes in
  68. Contracts adapt to radio restructuring
  69. Were playing your songs
  70. Moores spread the word
  71. BBC World Service extends coverage
  72. Claim Alliance favoured by broadcasting changes
  73. 3ZB cushions
  74. 3ZB Teleguide
  75. Deaf ears
  76. Sales executives
  77. Radio sale still up in the air
  78. CTV telethon
  79. Over the hill
  80. CTV snow
  81. Otago radio has stars of south
  82. Ralston leaving
  83. Holy Rockin Roller
  84. CTV hopes for permanent wider coverage
  85. Radio jazz session
  86. Radio Otago profit rises,jpg
  87. Sharons plans
  88. Radio DIY
  89. 91ZM Christchurch music survey
  90. Chch radio success in Mobil awards
  91. C93FM changes hands
  92. Snap Crackle and Corbett
  93. Radio bill misgivings
  94. Dancing on air
  95. The Rev quits to host TV show
  96. Dumped radio host busier than ever
  97. The Voice of Radio
  98. Best in broadcasting
  99. Radio station disclaims 4am calls
  100. Womens TV channel planned
  101. Broadcasting school
  102. NewstalkZB close to rugby
  103. Radio Pacific looking to expand talkback network
  104. 92MoreFM
  105. Buoyant Pacific eys RNZ stations
  106. Flights of Fantasy
  107. Perfect signal
  108. Broadcasting loses pioneer
  109. More stations than the railways
  110. The all new QFM
  111. Cable TV plan for Holly Rd
  112. Television tiff
  113. Station manager
  114. Be listening 96.4
  115. Ski Radio winding up
  116. Hanmer festival
  117. Gone in record time
  118. Elusive cup tickets still around
  119. Television test
  120. New TV channel likely
  121. Director promises exciting TV
  122. Reunion for Radio Avon staff
  123. RNZ strike vote
  124. Golden Years
  125. Radio Otago gets confidence boost
  126. Station shifts
  127. Radio Pac lift
  128. Nelson TV
  129. Golden Years
  130. Access radio hits airwaves
  131. Stu Kelly Radio Diunedin
  132. Radio Dunedin 1305
  133. Stu Kelly
  134. Steve Parr
  135. More of the same
  136. Packer interest in leasing Action TV time
  137. Radio display opens
  138. Lakeland FM
  139. Radio station 531PI
  140. Radio worry
  141. Music videos on new Chch station
  142. Radio waves weather weekend snow storm
  143. Queenstown 92FM
  144. MTV Christchurch style
  145. Talkback host signs off from Radio Waitaki
  146. Radio beams up
  147. Have you been reprogrammed yet
  148. NZ On Air fish
  149. Broadcast helps pilot elude radar
  150. Polytech radio promotes country culture
  151. Only one station gets you this close
  152. Erics a star of page and screen
  153. TV groups horrified at expense
  154. C93FM no repeat workday
  155. Otago v Waikato
  156. Better gold 4XO
  157. Better gold 4XO
  158. Number one station Resort Radio
  159. Announcer suspended for remarks
  160. Maritime radio to be upgraded
  161. More FM compliments 3ZB
  162. New voice at night
  163. Radio NZ staff plan election strike
  164. State control of television doomed to fail
  165. Number one station Resort Radio
  166. Radio Pacific interim div
  167. Born to win
  168. Media remix
  169. Whitestone 100 FM
  170. Which will it be in 93
  171. Harvest Radio returns to Motueka area
  172. Have a good cry
  173. Phone box gets message across
  174. Cry in Nelson
  175. BBC launch soon
  176. Balani on talkback
  177. On the radio HK
  178. Sky wins tender for time on Action TV
  179. Threat to Islands radio
  180. Oreti Beach swim
  181. Radio news helpers wanted
  182. Radio Otago rules
  183. 91ZM file
  184. Radio host retires
  185. Queenstown flood
  186. Corbett to stay on air
  187. More coverage
  188. No 1 music TV station in Christchurch
  189. 4ZB holds off improving 4XO
  190. Radio Otago profit up
  191. Radio Central going FM
  192. RNZ continues to dominate
  193. Celebrations for Plains FM
  194. Lineup recalls a grander era
  195. Kurow receives radio signal
  196. CTV to provide Bays programmes
  197. Radio station signal boosted
  198. Brierly buys out broadcaster
  199. 4ZA to split programmes
  200. Otago radio listeners to hear popular voice again
  201. Late switchover to FM
  202. Radio Pacific style negative
  203. Radio needs funds boost
  204. Merv Smith
  205. Radio Central Alex
  206. King leaves cornflakes
  207. Whitestone 100 FM sit vac
  208. Newstalk to feature on more stations
  209. Cry for music
  210. Local stations in award finals
  211. Manilow sues radio station
  212. Interest in iwi radio station
  213. Timaru MP backs CTV
  214. Commercial broadcaster training program
  215. CTV to lose TAB backing
  216. Maori group hopes to launch Otago radio
  217. Kids FM
  218. Mouse stops radio
  219. Future of 4ZG to be disclosed soon
  220. Cofounder of nostalgia radio station steps aside
  221. Hoax message fools villains
  222. Concert FM frequencies
  223. RNZ renegotiates deals
  224. Stunt the key to job in radio
  225. Radio spectrum
  226. Muesli bars on menu
  227. Putting a smile on the country dial
  228. Radio NZ to miss cricket
  229. Radio station name change
  230. Radio Pacific develops city presence
  231. The winners 91ZM
  232. Pink Floyd weekend
  233. A radio that comes with teletext
  234. State ownership and television
  235. Kiwi Archers take aim on air
  236. C93FM workplace listening
  237. Radio Otago interested in buying RNZ stations
  238. Austereo float fulll
  239. Constraints on radio
  240. Resort Radio 99FM
  241. Like to help but
  242. One thing C93FM
  243. World Service radio station for sale
  244. Live racing
  245. Shuttle radio link
  246. Radio nights
  247. Petra Bagust
  248. Cry TV
  249. Port FM looks to Ashburton
  250. Sounds of Bangladesh

Scanned clippings © Radio Heritage Foundation
Mark Nicholls Collection

Mark Nicholls was a keen DXer, Life Member of the New Zealand Radio DX League, and Editor of their magazine, the DX Times, for many years. He sadly passed away in 2014.

You can read a tribute to Mark on the NZRDXL’s website:

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