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Station Details for Brian FM

LocationBroadcasting fromFrequency
AshburtonGawler Downs99.7 MHz
BlenheimWither Hills100.9 MHz
Central OtagoHillend, Wanaka91.4 MHz
 Cromwell105.5 MHz
 Alexandra105.5 MHz
ChristchurchSumner100.5 MHz
Golden Bay-TakakaMt Burnett91.0 MHz
KaikouraKaikoura Peninsula100.3 MHz
MarlboroughHavelock Takorika100.1 MHz
 Seddon Stevens Hill104.3 MHz
 Okiwi Bay Croisilles Ridge105.9 MHz
 Ward Hollow Top105.9 MHz
 Mt Freeth, Picton105.9 MHz
Mid CanterburyMt Hutt105.3 MHz
Milford SoundDowner Communications Hut104.0 MHz
NelsonGrampians105.6 MHz
New PlymouthMt Egmont105.2 MHz
North CanterburyWallace Peak Hanmer106.1 MHz
OamaruCape Wanbrow88.8 MHz
RuapehuWaipuna90.2 MHz
 Taihape, Papaki Rd No 293.2 MHz
South CanterburyMt Mary, Twizel105.4 MHz
TasmanMt Murchison, Murchison105.3 MHz
TimaruCave Hill93.9 MHz
WaitakiCloud Hill, Omarama104.5 MHz
WhanganuiLandguard91.2 MHz


Map showing up to 10 broadcasting locations. Positions are approximate, based on Google Maps place names, not actual transmitter or studio locations.

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