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Radio Stations in Townsville

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4KIG107.1 MHz4KIGIndigenous community
4TAB891 kHz4TABRacing narrowcast
4TO774 kHz4TOCommercial
4TO FM102.3 MHz4TOOCommercial
4TTT103.9 MHz4TTTCommunity
630 ABC North Qld630 kHz4QNABC local
ABC Classic101.5 MHz4ABCFMABC classical
ABC News Radio proposed94.3 MHz4PNNABC news & parliament
Hit FM103.1 MHz4RAMContemporary hits
Kix Country98.9 MHzCountry music narrowcast
Live FM99.9 MHz4TCBChristian community
Lush FM95.1 MHzDance music narrowcast
Power 100100.7 MHz4RGRCommercial
Radio National104.7 MHz4ABCRNABC national
Star 106.3106.3 MHz4RGTCommercial
Triple J105.5 MHz4JJJABC new music
Vision Christian Radio98.1 MHzChristian narrowcast

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