The Australian Radio Guide (Station Listings)

Radio Stations in Darwin

Adelaide River

ABC Territory Radio98.9 MHz8ABCRRABC local
Radio National100.5 MHz8ABCRNABC national


8KIN FM93.7 MHz8KINIndigenous community
Radio National92.1 MHz8ABCRNABC national

Bathurst Island

8ACR98.9 MHz8ACRIndigenous community
8KIN FM95.3 MHz8KINIndigenous community
ABC Territory Radio91.3 MHz8ABCRRABC local
Mix 104989.7 MHz8MIXCommercial – DAB+
Radio National92.9 MHz8ABCRNABC national


100.1 Hot 100DAB+All the Hits
104.9 MIXDAB+The Top End’s Feel Good Station
105.7 ABC Darwin105.7 MHz8DDDABC local
2MM Greek Radio1656 kHzGreek narrowcast
8TAB1242 kHz8TABRacing narrowcast
92.3 Top Country DigitalDAB+Hottest country in the world
ABC Classic107.3 MHz8ABCFMABC classical
ABC News Radio102.5 MHz8PNNABC news & parliament
ARDS1530 kHzIndigenous community
Classic Radio DigitalDAB+Best Rock Acts Live
Hot 100100.1 MHz8HOTCommercial – DAB+
Mix 1049104.9 MHz8MIXCommercial – DAB+
Radio National657 kHz8RNABC national
Radio TABDAB+Racing and Sport
Rhema FM97.7 MHz8GGGChristian community
SBS Radio100.9 MHz8SBSFMMulticultural national
SEN1611 kHzSports
Territory FM104.1 MHz8TOPCommunity
Top Country92.3 MHzCountry music narrowcast
Triple J103.3 MHz8JJJABC new music

Darwin and Aboriginal communities

Radio Larrakia94.5 MHzDarwin’s only Aboriginal radio station

Darwin East

Niche Radio Network90.7 MHzMulti-ethnic narrowcast including Rete Italia

Darwin North

Darwin FM Xstream Radio 91.5fm91.5 MHzDance music narrowcast


8ACR99.3 MHz8ACRIndigenous community
ABC Territory Radio94.1 MHz8ABCRRABC local

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