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FM Stations in Tasmania


Triple J92.97JJJEast Coast, Midlands, Southern TasABC new music
ABC Classic93.97ABCFMEast Coast, Midlands, Southern TasABC classical
SBS Radio105.77SBSEast Coast, Midlands, Southern TasMulticultural national
Hit FM100.97TTTEast Coast, Midlands, Southern TasCommercial
7HO FM 101.7101.77HHOEast Coast, Midlands, Southern TasCommercial
Triple M107.37XXXEast Coast, Midlands, Southern TasClassic hits commercial
Hobart FM 96.192.17THEGreater HobartCommunity
Hobart FM 96.196.17THEGreater HobartCommunity
Edge Radio99.37EDGGreater HobartYouth community
Ultra106five106.57HFCEast Coast, Midlands, Southern TasChristian community
Vision Christian Radio87.6Lauderdale, Midway PointChristian narrowcast
Energy FM 87.887.8Greater HobartDance music narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.8ClaremontChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0Bagdad, Bridgewater, Hobart, Kingston, RichmondChristian narrowcast
Proposed94.9HobartOpen narrowcast

Country Tas

ABC Northern Tas88.57NTKing Island GroupABC local
Radio National88.97ABCRNOrford, Southern East Coast, TriabunnaABC national
ABC Northern Tas89.77ABCRRBicheno, Central East Coast, New NorfolkABC local
Radio National89.77ABCRNFar North West Coast, Smithton, StanleyABC national
ABC News Radio90.57PBBurnie, Rocky Cape, Ulverstone, WynardABC news & parliament
ABC Northern Tas90.57ABCRROrford, Queenstown, Southern East Coast, Triabunna, ZeehanABC local
Triple J90.97JJJLaunceston, Midlands, Northern & North East TasABC new music
ABC Northern Tas91.37ABCRRFar North West Coast, Smithton, StanleyABC local
Radio National91.37ABCRNBicheno, Central East CoastABC national
ABC Northern Tas91.77ABCRRLaunceston, Midlands, Northern TasABC local
ABC News Radio92.57PBLaunceston, Midlands, Northern & North East TasABC news & parliament
ABC Classic93.37ABCFMLaunceston, Midlands, Northern & North East TasABC classical
Radio National94.17ABCRNLaunceston, Midlands, Northern & North East TasABC national
Radio National96.17ABCRNSt HelensABC national
ABC Northern Tas97.37NTDerby, Ringarooma, WeldboroughABC local
Radio National98.97ABCRNDerby, Ringarooma, WeldboroughABC national
ABC Northern Tas100.57ABCRRDevonport, Latrobe, Port Sorell, Sheffield, UlverstoneABC local
Radio National101.17ABCRNBeaumaris, Fingal, Scamander, St MarysABC national
ABC News Radio102.17PNNDevonport, Latrobe, Port Sorell, Sheffield, UlverstoneABC news & parliament
ABC Northern Tas102.57ABCRRBurnie, Rocky Cape, Ulverstone, WynardABC local
ABC Northern Tas102.77NTBeaumaris, Fingal, Scamander, St MarysABC local
ABC Northern Tas103.37ABCRRHampshire, WaratahABC local
ABC Northern Tas104.17QNSavage River, WaratahABC local
SBS Radio proposed104.57SBSFMGreater LauncestonMulticultural national
Radio National104.97ABCRNHampshire, WaratahABC national
Triple J105.57JJJSmithtonABC new music
Radio National105.97ABCRNStrahanABC national
ABC Northern Tas106.17ABCRRColes Bay, SwanseaABC local
ABC Northern Tas106.37QNCentral West Coast, Rosebery, TullahABC local
ABC Northern Tas107.57ABCRRStrahanABC local
Radio National107.77ABCRNColes Bay, SwanseaABC national
Radio National107.97ABCRNCentral West Coast, Rosebery, TullahABC national
89.3 LAFM89.37LAALaunceston, Midlands, Northern TasMusic & AFL commercial
Chilli FM90.17EXXLaunceston, Midlands, Northern TasHit music commercial
7XS92.17AUSQueenstown, ZeehanCommercial
West Coast 7XS92.17XSStrahanCommercial
7BU94.57BUSmithtonMusic & AFL commercial
Sea FM94.57RGSDerby, Ringarooma, WeldboroughCommercial
Classic Hits 7AD98.97ADDevonport, North West CoastMusic & AFL commercial
Sea FM99.77RGSNorth East Tas, Scottsdale, St HelensCommercial
89.3 LAFM100.37LAALaunceston CityMusic & AFL commercial
Classic Hits 7BU100.97BUNorth West CoastMusic & AFL commercial
Tote Sport Radio101.17EXXLaunceston CitySport commercial
Sea FM101.77SEABurnie, Rocky Cape, Ulverstone, WynardCommercial
7XS107.17XSCentral West Coast, Rosebery, TullahCommercial
Classic Hits 7BU107.37BUBurnieMusic & AFL commercial
Sea FM107.77DDDDevonport, North West CoastCommercial
Campbell Town Radio87.6Campbell TownCommunity
Coast FM88.97DBSSmithtonCommunity
Star FM93.77BODSt HelensCommunity
Tamar FM95.37TFMGeorge Town, Lower Tamar ValleyCommunity
Heart FM95.77HRTNorthern MidlandsCommunity
Print Radio Tasmania96.17RPHDevonportCommunity
City Park Radio96.57LTNGreater LauncestonCommunity
Meander Valley Community Radio96.9Meander ValleyCommunity
Mid FM97.17MIDOatlandsCommunity
Tasman FM Peninsula Radio97.77TASDunally, Nubeena, Sorell, South East Tas, Tasman PeninsularCommunity
WAY FM98.17WAYGreater LauncestonChristian community
HuonFM98.57RGYGeeveston (Herringback Ridge translator)Community
Star FM98.57BODBicheno, Central East CoastCommunity
TYGA-FM (Derwent Valley Community Radio)98.9New NorfolkCommunity
Star FM100.37BODBeaumaris, Fingal, Scamander, St MarysCommunity
King Island Community Radio100.5King IslandCommunity
City Park Radio103.77LTNGreater LauncestonCommunity
Coast FM104.77DBSDevonport, Latrobe, Port Sorell, Sheffield, UlverstoneCommunity
WAY FM105.37WAYGreater LauncestonChristian community
Coast FM106.17DBSBurnie, Rocky Cape, Ulverstone, WynardCommunity
Print Radio Tasmania106.97RPHGreater LauncestonCommunity
Faith FM87.6New NorfolkChristian narrowcast
RadioTAB87.6Abels Hill, Bicheno, Carrick, Queenstown, Rosebery, Scottsdale, Smithton, St Helen’s, St Mary’s, StrahanRacing narrowcast
Tamar Valley Country87.6ExeterNarrowcast Country music
Vision Christian Radio87.6Burnie, Deloraine, Devonport, Fingal, Latrobe, Longford, Mornington, Orford, Penguin, Shearwater, Sheffield, Somerset, Ulverstone, WynyardChristian narrowcast
LCFM 87.887.8Launceston GreaterEducation narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio87.8Binalong Bay, Dodges Ferry, Mooreville, PerthChristian narrowcast
Vision Christian Radio88.0Acton Park, Bicheno, Campbelltown, Cressy, Geeveston, Hamilton, Huonville, Kettering, New Norfolk, Ouse, Queenstown, Scottsdale, Sorell, St Helens, St Leonards, St Marys, Strahan, Triabunna, Tunbridge, Winnaleah, ZeehanChristian narrowcast
RadioTAB97.7BurnieRacing narrowcast
RadioTAB101.3DevonportRacing narrowcast

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