PAL Country @ A Glance

Hong Kong (China) @ A Glance

FrequencyPowerNetwork/Station IDLocationAdministrative District
56720RTHK3, “Radio 3”Golden HillSha Tin
62120RTHK Putonghua ChannelGolden HillSha Tin
67510CNR14, Xiānggǎng diàntái xiānggǎng zhī shēng táiPeng ChauIslands
78320RTHK5Golden HillSha Tin
86410Hong Kong Commercial R, HKCR, “AM 8-6-4”Peng ChauIslands
104410Metro Plus, “AM 10-44”, “The Plus”Peng ChauIslands
15840.1RTHK3Chung Hom KokSouthern

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