PAL Country @ A Glance

India @ A Glance

FrequencyPowerNetwork/Station IDLocationAdministrative District
531300AIR North, AkashvaniJodhpurRajasthan
54020AIR NE, AkashvaniAizawlMizoram
549100AIR East, AkashvaniRanchiBihar
558100dAIR West, Akashvani (Asmita Channel)MumbaiMaharashtra
567300AIR NE, AkashvaniDibrugarhAssam
576200AIR South, AkashvaniAllapuzhaKerala
585300AIR West, AkashvaniNagpurMaharashtra
5941000Akashvani Moitree ChannelChinsurahWest Bengal
603200AIR North (Jaipur)AjmerRajasthan
612200AIR South, AkashvaniBengaluru (Banaglore)Karnataka
621100AIR East, AkashvaniPatnaBihar
630100AIR South, AkashvaniThrissurKerala
639100AIR NE, AkashvaniKohimaNagaland
648200AIR West, AkashvaniIndoreMadhya Pradesh
657200AIR East, AkashvaniKolkataWest Bengal
666100AIR North, Rajdhani channelDelhiDelhi
675100AIR NE, AkashvaniItanagarArunachal Pradesh
67520AIR South, AkashvaniBhadrawatiKarnataka
675100AIR West, AkashvaniChhattarpurMadhya Pradesh
684200AIR North, AkashvaniKargilLadakh
684100AIR South, AkashvaniKozhikode (Calicut)Kerala
68452AIR South, AkashvaniPort BlairAndaman&Nicobar Is
702200/100AIR External ServiceJalandharPunjab
711200AIR East, AkashvaniSiliguriWest Bengal
720200dAIR South, AkashvaniChennaiTamil Nadu
729100AIR NE, AkashvaniGuwahatiAssam
738200AIR South, AkashvaniHyderabadAndhra Pradesh
747300AIR North, AkashvaniLucknowUttar Pradesh
756100AIR West, AkashvaniJagdalpurOdisha
765200AIR South, AkashvaniDharwadKarnataka
774100AIR North, AkashvaniShimlaHimachal Pradesh
78320AIR South, Vividh BharatiChennaiTamil Nadu
792100AIR West, AkashvaniPuneMaharashtra
801200AIR West, AkashvaniJabalpurMadhya Pradesh
810300AIR West, AkashvaniRajkotGujarat
819200AIR North, Indraprastha channelDelhiDelhi
82820AIR NE, AkashvaniSilcharAssam
82820AIR West, Vividh BharatiPanajiGoa
837100AIR South, AkashvaniVijayawadaAndhra Pradesh
846200AIR West, AkashvaniAhmedabadGujarat
864100AIR NE, AkashvaniShillongMeghalaya
873300AIR North, AkashvaniJalandharPunjab
882300AIR NE, AkashvaniImphalManipur
89120AIR North, AkashvaniRampurUttar Pradesh
900100AIR South, AkashvaniCuddapah (Kadapa)Andhra Pradesh
909100AIR North, AkashvaniGorakhpurUttar Pradesh
918300AIR North, AkashvaniSuratgarhRajasthan
927100AIR South, AkashvaniVishakapatnamAndhra Pradesh
936100AIR South, AkashvaniTiruchirapalliTamil Nadu
945100AIR East, AkashvaniSambalpurOdisha
954200AIR North, AkashvaniNajibabadUttar Pradesh
96320AIR West, AkashvaniJalgaonMaharashtra
972300AIR East, AkashvaniCuttackOdisha
981100AIR West, AkashvaniRaipurMadhya Pradesh
990300AIR North, AkashvaniJammuJammu & Kashmir
9991AIR North, AkashvaniAlmoraUttaranchal
99920AIR South, AkashvaniCoimbatoreTamil Nadu
1008100AIR East, Akashvani, Sanchayita channelKolkataWest Bengal
101720AIR South, AkashvaniChennaiTamil Nadu
102620AIR North, AkashvaniPrayagrajUttar Pradesh
103510AIR NE, AkashvaniGuwahatiAssam
1044100AIR West, AkashvaniMumbaiMaharashtra
1053200AIR External ServiceTuticorinTamil Nadu
105320AIR North, AkashvaniLehLadakh
106210AIR NE, AkashvaniPasighatArunachal Pradesh
1071870dAll India Radio FSRajkotGujarat
108920AIR North, AkashvaniNausheraJammu & Kashmir
108920AIR South, AkashvaniUdipiKarnataka
110720AIR South, AkashvaniKalaburgi (Gulbarga)Karnataka
1116300AIR North, AkashvaniSrinagarJammu & Kashmir
112520AIR NE, AkashvaniTezpurAssam
112520AIR North, AkashvaniUdaipurRajasthan
11341000AIR Ext & NationalMagraWest Bengal
114320AIR North, AkashvaniRohtakHaryana
114320AIR West, AkashvaniRatnagiriMaharashtra
115210AIR South, AkashvaniKavarattiLakshadweep
116120AIR South, AkashvaniThiruvananthapuramKerala
11701AIR Vividh Bharathi & Raithu VaniHyderabadAndhra Pradesh
117920AIR West, AkashvaniRewaMadhya Pradesh
118850AIR West, Vividh BharatiMumbaiMaharashtra
11971AIR NE, AkashvaniShillongMeghalaya
119720AIR South, AkashvaniTirunelveliTamil Nadu
1206200AIR East, AkashvaniBhawanipatnaOdisha
121520AIR South, AkashvaniPondicherryPondicherry
122410AIR North, AkashvaniSrinagarJammu & Kashmir
123320AIR NE, AkashvaniTuraMeghalaya
1242100AIR North, AkashvaniVaranasiUttar Pradesh
125120AIR West, AkashvaniSangliMaharashtra
126020AIR West, AkashvaniAmbikapurMadhya Pradesh
126920AIR East, AkashvaniAgartalaTripura
126920AIR South, AkashvaniMaduraiTamil Nadu
1287100AIR West, AkashvaniPanajiGoa
129620AIR East, AkashvaniDarbhangaBihar
130520AIR West, AkashvaniParbhaniMaharashtra
131410AIR West, AkashvaniBhujGujarat
132320AIR East, Vividh BharatiKolkataWest Bengal
133210AIR NE, AkashvaniTezuArunachal Pradesh
135020AIR North, AkashvaniKupwaraJammu & Kashmir
136820AIR North, Vividh Bharati (DRM)DelhiDelhi
137720AIR South, AkashvaniHyderabadAndhra Pradesh
138620AIR West, AkashvaniGwaliorMadhya Pradesh
139520AIR North, AkashvaniBikanerRajasthan
140420AIR NE, AkashvaniGangtokSikkim
141320AIR North, AkashvaniKotaRajasthan
145820AIR East, AkashvaniBhagalpurBihar
145820AIR North, AkashvaniBarmerRajasthan
1467100AIR East, AkashvaniJeyporeOdisha
14851AIR East, AkashvaniDharmanagarTripura
14851AIR NE, AkashvaniDiphuAssam
14851AIR NE, AkashvaniNongstoinMeghalaya
14851AIR North, AkashvaniChamoliUttaranchal
14851AIR North, AkashvaniKhaltsiLadakh
14851AIR North, AkashvaniNyomaLadakh
14851AIR North, Akashvani (Vividh Bharati)DrassLadakh
14851AIR West, AkashvaniAhwaGujarat
151220AIR NE, AkashvaniKokrajharAssam
152110AIR NE, AkashvaniTawangArunachal Pradesh
153020AIR North, AkashvaniAgraUttar Pradesh
15841AIR East, AkashvaniMonNagaland
15841AIR North, AkashvaniKargilLadakh
15841AIR North, AkashvaniPadumLadakh
15841AIR West, AkashvaniHimmat NagarGujarat
159310AIR West, AkashvaniBhopalMadhya Pradesh
16021AIR East, AkashvaniTuensangNagaland
16021AIR NE, AkashvaniSaihaMizoram
16021AIR NE, AkashvaniWilliamnagarMeghalaya
16021AIR NE, AkashvaniZiroArunachal Pradesh
16021AIR North, AkashvaniDiskitLadakh
16021AIR North, AkashvaniUttar KashiUttaranchal
16021AIR North, AkashvaniTiesuruLadakh
16021AIR North, AkashvaniPauriUttaranchal
16021AIR North, AkashvaniPithoragarhUttaranchal
394550AIR FSGorakhpurUttar Pradesh
47607AIR North, AkashvaniLehLadakh
47608AIR SouthPort BlairAndaman&Nicobar Is
480050AIR SouthHyderabadAndhra Pradesh
481050AIR WestBhopalMadhya Pradesh
483510AIR NortheastGangtokSikkim
484050AIR WestMumbaiMaharashtra
4870100AIR NorthDelhi (Kingsway)Delhi
489550AIR EastKurseongWest Bengal
491050AIR North, AkashvaniJaipurRajasthan
495050AIR NorthSrinagarJammu & Kashmir
501050AIR SouthThiruvananthapuramKerala
504050AIR EastJeyporeOdisha
505010AIR NortheastAizawlMizoram
60007AIR North, AkashvaniLehLadakh
608510AIR NorthGangtokSikkim
6100250AIR Vividh BharatiDelhi (Khampur)Delhi
611050AIR NorthSrinagarJammu & Kashmir
723050AIR EastKurseongWest Bengal
724050AIR WestMumbaiMaharashtra
729050AIR SouthThiruvananthapuramKerala
729510AIR NortheastAizawlMizoram
732550AIR North, AkashvaniJaipurRajasthan
73904AIR SouthPort BlairAndaman&Nicobar Is
742050AIR SouthHyderabadAndhra Pradesh
743050AIR WestBhopalMadhya Pradesh

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