PAL Country @ A Glance

Kyrgyzstan @ A Glance

FrequencyPowerNetwork/Station IDLocationAdministrative District
612200TWR, Kyrgyz Radyosy 1 (Birinichi)BishkekBishkek
69350Kyrgyz Radio 1, Birinchi RadioOsh
14047Kyrgyz Radyosy 1 (Birinji radio)Hydarkan
140420Kyrgyz Radyosy 1 (Birinji radio)DedemelIssyk-Kul
14041Kyrgyz Radyosy 1 (Birinji radio)Cholpon AtaIssyk-Kul
14047Kyrgyz Radyosy 1 (Birinji radio)Ala Mishik
143140Kyrgyz Radyosy 1 (Birinji radio)Jalal-Abad
1467150Trans World RadioBishkekBishkek
4010100?Kyrgyz Radio 1, Birinchi RadioBishkekChuy
482015Kyrgyz RadiosuKrasnya RechkaChuy
513015Radio Maranatha (Sadaye Zindage)BishkekBishkek

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