PAL Country @ A Glance

Korea (South) @ A Glance

FrequencyPowerNetwork/Station IDLocationAdministrative District
558250KBS 2, je-i Radio-imnida, Happy FMYeong-ilDaegu
567100KBS 1, je-i Radio-imnidaJeonjuJeollabuk-do
57610KBS 3, Sarang-e SoriSuncheonJeollanam-do
603250/ 500KBS 2, je-i Radio-imnida, Happy FMHwaseongSeoul
65750KBS 1, je-i Radio-imnidaChuncheongangwon-do
67510KBS 3, Sarang-e SoriGunsanJeollabuk-do
67510KBS 3, Sarang-e SoriJeonju
711500dKBS 1, je-i Radio-imnidaSoraeSeoul
720jammernear Seoulunknown
738100KBS 1, je-i Radio-imnidaGyeongsanDaegu
747100KBS 1, je-i Radio-imnidaBiaGwangju
756100?“News Gwangjang!” (News Plaza)Yeoncheon
81920MBC FM bangsong-gugGwangjuGwangju
85510MBC FM bangsong-gugJeonjuJeollabuk-do
864100KBS 1, je-i Radio-imnidaGangneunggangwon-do
88220KBS 1, je-i Radio-imnida+D1481DaedeokDaejon
891250KBS 1, je-i Radio-imnidaBusanBusan
93610KBS 3, Sarang-e SoriChangwonGyeongsangnam-do
96310KBS 1, je-i Radio-imnidaAndongGyeongsangbuk-do
96310KBS 1, je-i Radio-imnidaJejuJeju-do
972750/1500KBS Hanminjok Bangsong 1 (One People BC)DangjinChungcheongnam-do
103510KBS 1, je-i Radio-imnidaPohangGyeongsangbuk-do
106250KBS 1, je-i Radio-imnidaCheongjuChungcheongbuk-do
109820KBS 1, je-i Radio-imnidaJinjuGyeongsangbuk-do
1134500KBS 3, Sarang-e SoriHwaseongGyeonggi-do
1143100Radio Free Korea, “RFK”GoyangGyeonggi-do
115210KBS 1, je-i Radio-imnidaWonjugangwon-do
1170500KBS World Radio, KBS Hanminjok Bangsong 2 (One People BC)GimjeJeollabuk-do
1188100FEBC, VOA, RFAAnsanSeoul
128710MBC FM bangsong-gugCheongjuChungcheongbuk-do
14405AFN Korea, AFN HumphreysPyeongtaek (Osan) (Camp Humphreys)Gyeonggi-do
14405AFN Korea, The Eagle, AFN DaeguDaegu (Camp Walker)Gyeongsangbuk-do
144910KBS 1, je-i Radio-imnidaUlsanUlsan
146750KBS 1, je-i Radio-imnidaMokpoJeollanam-do
6015100KBS Hanminjok Bangsong 1HwaseongGyeonggi-do

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