PAL Country @ A Glance

Mongolia @ A Glance

FrequencyPowerNetwork/Station IDLocationAdministrative District
164500Mongolyn Radio (1st pgm)KhonkhorTuv
20930Mongolyn Radio (1st pgm)UlgiiBayan-Ulgii
20975Mongolyn Radio (1st pgm)DalanzadgadUmnugobi
20975Mongolyn Radio (1st pgm)ChoibalsanDornod
22775Mongolyn Radio (1st pgm)AltaiGovi-Altai
88275Mongolyn Radio (1st pgm)MurunKhövsgöl
489510Mongolyn Radio (1st pgm)MurunKhövsgöl
726010Mongolyn Radio (3rd pgm)AltaiGovi-Altai

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