PAL Country @ A Glance

Pakistan @ A Glance

FrequencyPowerNetwork/Station IDLocationAdministrative District
540300Pakistan Bcing CorpPeshawarNWFP
5581000/500Pakistan Bcing CorpUmarkotPunjab
567300Pakistan Bcing CorpKhuzdarBaluchistan
585500Radio Pakistan, Medium Wave Network, Pakistan Bcing CorpIslamabadCapital Territory
630100Pakistan Bcing CorpLahorePunjab
639100PBC News & Current Affairs Channel (NCAC)KarachiSindh
711100Pakistan Bcing CorpDera Ismail KhanNWFP
756150Pakistan Bcing CorpQuettaBaluchistan
828100Pakistan Bcing CorpKarachiSindh
936100Azad Kashmir RadioMirpurAzad Kashmir
954100Pakistan Bcing CorpGwadar
981100Pakistan Bcing CorpTurbatBaluchistan
1008120Pakistan Bcing CorpHyderabadSindh
1035100Pakistan Bcing CorpMultanPunjab
1053100Pakistan Bcing CorpLarkanaSindh
108050Pakistan Bcing CorpLahorePunjab
1134100PBC News & Current Affairs Channel (NCAC)QuettaBaluchistan
1152100PBC News & Current Affairs Channel (NCAC)Islamabad (Rawalpindi)Capital Territory
1170100PBC National Bcing ServicePeshawarNWFP
125110Pakistan Bcing CorpLoralaiLorelai
1260400PBC News & Current Affairs Channel (NCAC)PeshawarNWFP
1305100Pakistan Bcing CorpLarkanaSindh
1332100PBC News & Current Affairs Channel (NCAC)LahorePunjab
134110Pakistan Bcing CorpBahawalpurPunjab
144910Pakistan Bcing CorpZhobBalochistan
147610Pakistan Bcing CorpFaisalabadPunjab
151210Pakistan Bcing CorpGilgitNorthern area
155710Pakistan Bcing CorpSkarduNorthern area
15840.25Pakistan Bcing CorpChitralNWFP
15840.25Pakistan Bcing CorpSibiBaluchistan
16020.25Pakistan Bcing CorpAbbotabadNWFP

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