Pirate Radio Hauraki 40 Years On

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On Sunday, December 4th 1966, pirate Radio Hauraki began broadcasting from aboard the Tiri in international waters in the Hauraki Gulf.

This was the first time in nearly 30 years that a private radio broadcast reached a large market in New Zealand. The refusal of the NZ Broadcasting Corporation to grant the principals a licence led them to establish a pirate radio station outside territorial waters.

Offshore broadcasts continued for another 3½ years until June 25th, 1970 when Hauraki became the first radio station to receive a licence under a new broadcasting regime.

The story of pirate Radio Hauraki is one of vision, determination and success. It marks a watershed in New Zealand’s broadcasting history and Hauraki is an icon of the sixties.

Now, 40 years on, the founders of pirate Radio Hauraki are planning celebrations to mark the anniversary. The Radio Heritage Foundation is providing the website to tell pirate Radio Hauraki’s story through the words, images and sounds of those involved.

We invite you to join the pirate Radio Hauraki mailing list so we can keep you up to date on what’s happening and how you can be involved.

This website is not affiliated with the current Radio Hauraki owned by The Radio Network.
The original pirate Radio Hauraki was realised by David Gapes, Denis ‘Doc’ O’Callahan, Derek Lowe and Chris Parkinson and owned by Pacific Radio Advertising Ltd.
Material from this site is part of the Radio Heritage Foundation Archive, which holds all © unless specified.

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